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I am praying for you during this Holy season and throughout the New Year.  I also wanted to share my latest FREE online find.

I love creating things and always try to make my crafts faithfilled.  I usually  make my gifts and my gift tags.  However, this year I’ve spent more time giving the gift of myself, being present for my family and less time focusing on presents.   Needless to say, there has not been much time for handmade gifts this year.  I did keep it simple but the gifts lacked the faithfilled touch that (I believe) should always be present.  That led me on a search for Holy gift tags.

I found the most charming faithfilled CATHOLIC gift tags.  They are free and printable.  Did I mention that they are FREE!!! 


The site is Holy Reflections.  It is a creation of Mildred Lee Bozeman. 

I received my love of God from my Mother, my love of collecting from my Father, and my love for antiques from his two sisters, so it seems only natural that one day I would begin a collection of antique holy cards. These old holy card images enhance your meditation during prayers and they assist you in expressing the deepest feelings of your heart and soul to God. My holy card collection has enriched my faith, renewed my spirit, and increased my joy. That is why it is so important to me to be able to share it with you. I add prayers to the back of the scanned images, laminate them and give them away to people as gifts. I have given them to strangers, the homeless, family, and friends. It is my small way of giving back what God has given to me. Remaining always grateful to my Lord Jesus Christ whom without I can do nothing. ~ Mildred

The collection at Holy Reflections is endless!

Here are some items that I used for Christmas gift giving and wrapping…..

FREE Printable Religious Gift Tags      Prayer For Peace Card     Advent Stationary     Prayer to the Most Loving Infant Jesus     The Joys of a Divine Advent    

Here are a few more items that I have used or will be using in the very near future.

First Communion Prayer Card     The Hearts of Jesus and Mary Consecration Prayer Cards     Ava Maria Prayer Cards  Our Lady of Perpetual Help      Adoration   Holy Souls Reflections and Prayer Cards      Images from a 1870 French Catholic Prayer Book  FREE Printable Stationary  Antique Holy Card Slide Show    



Check out Holy Reflections FaceBook Page for site updates.

Mildred also provided a link to her friend’s site.  Julie Brown offers an additional array of antique holy cards for a fee at Holy Cards.

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  1. Hi Lena, I'm here from Lacy's Valentine's link up and saw this post. I found Holy Reflections alst year for the prayer cards/holy cards, which we've been using ever since, but I had no idea the site had all these other things. aren't those gift tags beautiful, and everything else too. I guess you have to cick on their site map to see what else is on there besides the prayer cards/holy cards. thanks for this post. We'll love exploring this holy reflections site more and printing off more lovely things!



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