Necklace for Charity


In preparation for Christ’s coming, Christmas, we are finding ways to give what we have been blessed with.  However, at this time, we are unable to purchase goods for those in need.  We are able to give from what we have.  We were blessed to be able to purchase a nice stock of tile necklace supplies last year. 


We long to help those in real need.  So when we heard of Water 4 Christmas from Meg, we knew it was an answer to our prayers.  Water for Christmas is a grass roots movement bringing both awareness and real "on the ground" change to Africa's water crisis.

We are people...Moms, Dads, Sons, Daughters. United by the desire to keep our eyes and hearts open. To increasingly live for things bigger than ourselves. So, we’re going to give up something. Big somethings. Little somethings. Going without so the people in Liberian villages can have access to clean water...the Moms, Dads, Sons, Daughters.

All money donated there goes directly to charity: water who in turn uses 100% of their donations to drill for fresh water.

Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of all sickness and disease and kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. charity: water is a non profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 100% of the money goes to direct project costs.  With the help of exemplary organizations on the ground and individuals here, we can drill wells and provide people with this basic, essential need.



Water 4 Christmas opened an etsy shop.  Our donation is listed here.  Many other items are also listed.  Go check it out and make a purchase.  All profits go directly to building wells for safe water in West Africa. 

All orders made this week are guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas.

Give a gift for Jesus!


Necklaces for Charity

(click on the pictures to be taken to the etsy shop to see details and make a purchase)

ICON - Our Lady of Prepetual Help

Marian Tile Necklace - Our Lady of Perpetual Help ICON - $7.00 +shipping

GOLD - Our Lady of Prepetual Help

Marian Tile Necklace - Our Lady of Perpetual Help GOLD $7.00 +shipping



  1. what a truly wonderful way for your family to give. I'm going to check out the shop!

  2. God bless you for your generous spirit. What lovely gifts you have to give. Happy Feasts and Consecration week! Thank you, again, for your love and prayers<3

  3. Deo gratias! one necklace has sold (as of 12.6.10). only one left to go.

  4. 2 necklaces in 2 days.
    All for Jesus through Mary!



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