She Looks Like Me


Sparkles with her Our Lady of Guadalupe statue in our first Mary Garden


My husband and I know little about our exact heritage.  We are Mexican with  some Italian, French, German, Spanish Basque and… God only knows what else.


Our eldest, Rose, looks nothing like us.  She was born with blue eyes and fair skin.  She resembles past generations.  My grandmother and great-grandmothers (on both sides) had green eyes, light hair with fair skin.  My husband’s mother has fair skin with green eyes.

ella on her bday at chevy 5.18.07

Our next daughter was Sparkles.  She is our “Mexican baby.”

Our third daughter, Sweetie, looks exactly like Rose.

All of our children have a beautiful devotion to Our Blessed Mother.  When they were younger, their devotion was driven by which Marian apparition looked most like themselves.  Sparkles would always light up when she would she Our Lady of Guadalupe.  “She looks just like me,”  she would exclaim.  Other times she would say, “That’s me!”  The sheer joy that she had knowing that Mary looked like her was heart warming.

sparkles in he garden v2


Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, please pray for us.



  1. A very special post! Thanks, Lena! We have that same OLG statue - isn't she beautiful?! I wanted you to know that I wore my tile necklace each day throughout our novena to OLG. I get compliments everywhere I go! Thank you, dear friend!

  2. evann - AMDG i love sparkle's statue. i only wish i had sealed it before placing it outdoors. it has a vintage look now.
    may Our Blessed Mother Keep you!
    pax Christi - lena



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