Sugar and Spice…

and everything nice, that’s what reminds us of Our Lady of Guadalupe.OLOG Statue

We celebrated the feast day of Our Lady Guadalupe on Sat., Dec. 11 instead of Dec. 12.  Our parish was granted permission by our Bishop to move the feast day for a Solemnity and First class celebration since Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patron saint of our diocese and her original feast day fell on Gaudete Sunday (this year).

We kept it simple with a field trip to the Mexican Market and a small Our Lady of Guadalupe Tea Lunch inspired from Shower of Roses and Cottage Blessings. For dinner we had chicken tacos with rice and beans.  Rose and I made Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Crispies for dessert, a family favorite.  The Crispies are  made with a little sugar and spice and remind us of Our lady of Guadalupe.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, ora pro nobis.

OLOG field tripField trip to the Mexican Market, Rancho San Miguel (St. Michael Ranch)

The girls and their friends were thrilled with the bright, yummy desserts.  They had a great time looking at the ethnic dishes; cow’s tongue, “fish head with eyes” (tilapia), pig’s feet……  They decided to stick with rice and beans.

  OLOG Tea Our Lady of Guadalupe Tea Lunch

crispies  Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Crispies (cinnamon chips)

  • Flour tortillas
  • Cinnimon
  • Sugar
  • Oil


  1. heat oil on stove
  2. mix cinnamon and sugar together
  3. cut tortilla into triangles
  4. fry tortilla wedges until crisp (fry a small amount at a time)
  5. remove tortilla wedges from oil
  6. place tortilla crisps on cooling rack, over a drip pan/cookie sheet
  7. generously sprinkle tortilla crisps with sugar/cinnamon mixture
  8. turn the crisps over and repeat step 7
  9. cool and serve



  1. I'm so glad your family enjoyed the "Our Lady of Guadalupe Tea" this year! Everything looks SO delicious!

  2. Everything is beautiful, and I am sure it was delicious!



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