Thanksgiving and Prayers

We have sought simpler times.  This year a Christmas Topiary is part of the plan.  We decided to decorate our tree early this year in honor of our gift from above, Dragonfly.

He turned 7 months on Dec. 17.

JOYfilled Christmas 2010He is a precious baby with a sweet disposition.  He is easy and always happy.  Dragonfly…sits up on his own.  has 6 teeth.  wears 9-12 months clothes.  pulls himself to a standing position, on his own.  eats avocados.  loves to fight with dad and brother.  enjoys his adventures with sweetie.  prefers men to women. is ready for a hair cut.  crawls everywhere.……brings us much JOY!

7 months

seven months

prayers for a

JOYfilled CHRISTmas

We pray that we continue to be filled with the JOY that only Christ can provide.  We extend this prayer to all our blog friends and their loved ones.


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