8 months

  8 months on tummy88 8 months happy

crawling.  standing.  monkey walking.  teething (again). likes to play at  night when all he’s siblings have gone to bed.   quite except in in church.  dumps mom in a sec. to play with dad.  dimples that melt his mama’s heart. no longer interested in table food.  drinks water from a sippy cup.  loves his bedroom (dad’s large walk in closet).  still prefers all males to women.  waves bye bye (when he wants to).  has his sister, sweetie wrapped around his finger.  exercises with mama and dada.  not fond of grass.  enjoys a a long run in the stroller.  loves the outdoors.  is pure JOY!


  1. He is so cute! My brother turned 19months today. He also loves the outdoors.

  2. He is so beautiful! Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of his precious life!

  3. Deo gratias!

    grace - thanks for stopping by. your brother will be in my prayers. your blog is a lovely gem. i look forward to browsing around.

    melody - thank you for your kind words and prayers of thanksgiving.



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