Reflections For The New Year

It’s a new year and I desire to be transformed, to live each day as though it were my last.  I pray to die to self and become a true slave to Jesus through Mary. 

A new year, a new creation in Christ. – Time is a Treasure!

A  word was imprinted on my heart many years ago,…….JOY.  I was called to embrace the JOY of Christ and share it with all those around me, especially my family.  I’m nowhere near, where I need to be but continue to pray for this grace on a daily basis.

I desired (for some time) to add an additional word, virtue to my journey.  This word has come to the forefront of my heart and mind for the past several  months.   I delayed in embracing it because I doubted my readiness and sought perfection with the need to create a JOYfilled heart.  Then I surrendered and was reminded that perfection is not possible while on this earth.  I must continue to prayerfully move forward and treasure each moment that I have been blessed with, to grow closer to Him.  I trust that my new word will help me on this journey.  My word is…….CHARITY.

Thanks to a providential friend, I was motivated to take action.  She came up with a simple list that summed up our prayers and recent meditations.  I adopted it for myself and immediately posted it in my kitchen, for all to see. 

Thank you God for sending me Melody, to offer me inspiration and accountability, on this journey!


2011 Motto

Be Charitable.

Be Useful.

Be Gentle.

Be Joyful.

Forget about yourself.



Wordle: ALL FORclick here to create your own Wordle.


You too can be inspired my Melody.  Here’s a recent fav of mine and here she is at


Time is a treasure that melts away. It escapes from us, slipping through our fingers like water through the mountain rocks. Yesterday is gone, and today is passing by. Tomorrow will soon be another yesterday. Our lives are so very short. But what a great deal can be done for God in this short space of time!” ~ St. Josemaria Escriva, Friends of God, 52


  1. Lena, a beautiful post. especially the part about how we cannot attain perfection here on Earth, and don't have to perfect a goal before adding another. What a wonderful choice of virtue to add!!! oh I work on charity as well. You have done a lovely tribute to melody. I do enjoy her blog so much. As I do yours ! blessings,

  2. Lovely. Such wonderful goals and sentiments. Thank you for the comment on my blog. And great luck with your "word" for the year!

  3. I'm visiting from Elizabeth's, so nice to "meet" you. I'm going to browse around a bit. I noticed you have a label for the FSSP. We belong to a Fraternity parish. JOY, my word for the year adn I am now introduced to a joyfilled mother...the wonders of Divine Providence.

  4. I saw your link at Elizabeth's blog. May you have a wonderful year growing in charity.



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