St. John Bosco

"It is not enough that you love them, they must know they are loved."  ~ Don Bosco



Traditional & New Calendar January 31

St. John Bosco was born on August 16, 1815, in a small town not too far from Turin, Italy. His father died when he was two years old. He was raised with tender love, yet firm discipline, by his mother, Margaret. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1841 and went to work in Turin, where the industrial revolution was attracting waves of young people to the city. The misery and abandonment of these youngsters moved John Bosco deeply.

He dedicated his life to them and began youth clubs for them. He then started hostels and boarding schools, where he taught them trades.  In 1854 he founded the Salesian Society and in 1872, the Salesian Sisters to work for girls. Three years later, he sent the first missionary group to Argentina. His work spread throughout the mission world and today more than half the Society works in mission lands.

The educational philosophy of John Bosco can be condensed in three words: reason, religion, and kindness. The basic principle of his system was a deep understanding and love for young people and their problems.

John Bosco died on January 31, 1888. Today the Salesian Family numbers 40,000 members working in over 100 countries.

Patron: Apprentices; boys; editors; Mexican young people; laborers; schoolchildren; students; young people.



"Receive the sacraments often; be devoted to the Blessed Virgin; consider bad books worse than a plague; avoid bad companions even more than poisonous snakes." ~ Don Bosco

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Prayer To Our Lady, Help Of Christians

Most Holy Virgin Mary, Help of Christian,
how sweet it is to come to your feet
imploring your perpetual help.
If earthly mothers cease not to remember their children, 
how can you, the most loving of all mothers forget me?
Grant then to me, I implore you, 
your perpetual help in all my necessities, 
in every sorrow, and especially in all my temptations.
I ask for your unceasing help for all who are now suffering.
Help the weak, cure the sick, convert sinners.
Grant through your intercessions many vocations to the religious life. 
Obtain for us, O Mary, Help of Christians,
that having invoked you on earth we may love and eternally thank you in heaven.

~ St. John Bosco


Never send negligent pupils out of the classroom. Be patient with their light-mindedness." ~ Don Bosco

"The Salesian way of educating the young is quite simple. Basically, I insist on letting boys be boys. Let them play and enjoy themselves as much as they want as long as God is not offended. But if I have a philosophy of education, it consists in discovering a boy’s best qualities and then exploiting them to his advantage. You must admit, sir, that any person is at his best when he is doing what he likes and does best. Children are the same. Promote their positive qualities and they will thrive. As for discipline—love and respect for the young is the answer. In the 46 years I have worked among children, never once have I had to resort to corporal punishment, which by the way is very much in vogue. And if I may say so, all those children who have come under my care have always continued to show me their love and respect." ~ Don Bosco



 "Make the Exercise for a Happy Death every month; make it well, make it unfailingly well!" ~ Don Bosco


  1. I stumbled on your blog in search of a picture of our founder, Don Bosco...KUDOS! I love this blog. I love your outlook of FAITH! May God continue to bless you and your family ABUNDANTLY!



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