9 months

9 months

a sweet boy…..

9 months silly face

with a silly side.


dragonfly has decided that food is not his thing.  we’ll see how long he’ll hold out and mama will hold up.

he is quite but playful. 

he enjoys his night time alone with mom and dad. 

he his lovable but does have his threshold and will let you know when you’ve crossed it.  just ask sweetie.

he can be rough and tough with the guys and oh so cuddly with mom and the girls.

he still prefers men to women and will leap out of my arms to go with any male, as long as it’s not feeding time, of course.

his hair is curly and wispy.  rose likes to put bows in his hair when dad’s not looking.  i’ve promised him that i will not take pictures of him with bows.

he loves his papa and is warming up to his nana.

he is monkey walking everywhere.  he has even been spotted, on a couple of occasions, taking a quick step without hands.  sparkles is certain that he will be just like her and walk by the end of 9 months.

we’re enjoying all dragonfly has to offer.

Deo gratias!

9 months sephia

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  1. He is so sweet! My brother who is a year old has those same beautiful curls!



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