Candlemas Candles

candlemas candles joy

I hadn’t planned a craft for any of the feast days this week since I’m prepping for my next Little Flowers meeting.  I was delighted to find Tiffany’s ~ Family at the Foot of the Cross post on the Presentation of the Lord.  She shared a simple and inexpensive craft, Crafty Paper Candles.

I couldn’t pass it up.  I had everything on hand. 

Tiffany gives a complete tutorial and prayer.  Check it out here.

Candlemas Candles


apply glue to the tp roll.

tuck in paper

adhere the paper towel to the glued tp roll.  tuck in the top and bottom edges.

 cut picture  

cut your picture decal.  we used images from printed images and old catalogs.

picture decals

glue the image to the candle.

layered fkame

create the flame. 

layer a red, yellow and orange piece of paper.  cut out a flame from the layered papers.  cut out the middle of the red flame.  cut out the middle of the orange flame.

glue the layers together.

flame on a wick c2

glue the flame to a popsicle stick (wick).  fold back the edges and glue and on the reverse side of the popsicle stick. (I used a hot glue gun for a quick set)

inserting the flame and wickcrumble a half sheet of paper towel.

snip the paper towel

snip the center of the paper towel.

 insert wick into the candle insert

insert the popsicle stick w/ flame into the paper towel.

insert the wick and flame into the candle

insert the paper towel and popsicle stick w/flame into the tp roll.

3 candles

let dry.


papi's candle on his altar joy v2

papi’s bedroom altar

    the children placed their candles on their bedroom altars.


O Lord Jesus Christ, the true Light who enlightenest every man that cometh into this world: pour forth Thy blessing † upon these candles, and sanctify † them with the light of Thy grace, and mercifully grant, that as these lights enkindled with visible fire dispel the darkness of night, so our hearts illumined by invisible fire, that is, by the splendor of the Holy Spirit, may be free from the blindness of all vice, that the eye of our mind being cleansed, we may be able to discern what is pleasing to Thee and profitable to our salvation; so that after the perilous darkness of this life we may deserve to attain to neverfailing light: through Thee, O Christ Jesus, Savior of the world, who in the perfect Trinity, livest and reignest, God, world without end. Amen.


  1. a bedroom altar is a great idea! and your candles turned out beautifully!

  2. thanks. don't forget the holy water!

  3. Very nice! Wish I would have seen this before last week!!;-)
    God Bless!



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