January Recap

JAN 2011

10 Christmas

christmas 2010 recap.  baby’s 1st christmas.

1.1 rose and dragonfly new year coloring 1.1 sweetie new year coloring 1.1 sparkles new year coloring 

1.1 - new year’s coloring fun.

1.4 chipped tooth

1.4 - sparkles' battle wound from a round of play fighting – chip in her permanent front tooth. she had to wait a day for repairs.

papi first home haircut 

1.5 - my first boy’s haircut.  i’m going to have to learn how to cut his hair fast.  he does not like the cut hair on his body.

1.7 dad's soccer debut

1.7 -  dad’s soccer debut.  dad was invited to play with parish young men, dads and father.  his first time playing a game of soccer and he scored two goals.  i was the ultimate winner since dad finally admitted (after 15+ years) that soccer is the most physically demanding sport that he has played (b-ball, football, and baseball).  that’s right, more demanding than his beloved basketball.

papa bday celebration

1.8 - papa’s birthday that was postponed due to sick kids.

1.11 mom cooking with papi 

1.11 – dragonfly helping me cook chicken enchiladas, after my workout.

100_FUJI1.14 - homemade cinnamon rolls.  1 batch made 60 rolls.  thankfully, we made the batch with friends.

100_FUJI1 1.15 – rose and i before our 8 mile run.  my feet after my first barefoot 8 miler.  i haven’t worn shoes since.  i now have 45+miles logged. 

  before and after rocker 1.28 – free-cycle rocker re-do.  it only took me 3 years to start this project.  it took me 5 hours to finish it.  according to sweetie, “it took ALL day!”

.11 strawberry lemonaid cupcakes1.29 – semi-homemade dessert.  strawberry lemonade cupcakes.  rose's new favorite.

1.30 dad's bball game 

1.30 – dad’s b-ball game.  he was invited last min. by father o after sun Mass.  it was a fundraiser bball tournament for the parish school.  dad’s team was called father and sons.  his team won!  (i’m sure it helped that dad plays bball with father on a weekly basis.)


Totus tuus ego sum, et omnia mea tua sunt, O Virgo, super omnia benedicta. ~ St. Louis de Montfort

I am all yours, and all that is mine is yours, O Virgin, blessed above all. ~ St. Louis de Montfort


  1. I love your recap. why do you run without shoes?

  2. I have a few reasons why I have started to run barefoot. The initial reason was to alleviate knee strain, back pain and shin splits. The other reasons.......ALL FOR!



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