Love Notebooks

vnb love notebooksI made these notebooks to give away for St. Valentine’s Day.  The notebooks are small composition books.  I use the books for my Daily Examen, an Ignatian Exercise that I adopted back in 2009.

Rose uses the small notebooks for sermon notes.  Sweetie and Sparkles just enjoy the beauty of the notebooks and have multipurposes for them.



  • notebook
  • image (we used the images found here.  note that inkjet printed images will bleed.)
  • scissors
  • foam brush
  • nail file
  • embellishments

         vnb supplies joy trim image to desired size

vnb joyspread mod podge to surface of the notebook.  i placed waxed paper between the front cover and additional pages to avoid gluing the pages together.

place image on notebook

vnb file joyfile edges with a nail file

let set.

vnb dec. joyspread additional layers of mod podge onto of the image.  let set.  repeat

vnb correct spine joyvnb what not to do joy

repeat the above steps for the back cover.

do not place the image completely over the spine as in the image on the right.  this will break the spine.  leave the spine free as shown in the image on the left.

vnb complete joyadd embellishments.  i added glitter.

let dry.

place decorated notebooks under some weights (I used 2 phonebooks).  this will set the notebooks back to their original shape.

vnb back joy



  1. These are gorgeous and so useful too! How blessed those recipients will be:-)

  2. These are beautiful, they look store bought! Love the idea of giving these away.

  3. I love these! We've been really enjoying decorating our own books this past year and I'd love to try this idea. Thank you for sharing!



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