A Sweet Consolation

I’m slowly making progress with my spiritual plan, regaining order and trying to get fit.  I have committed my journey to Jesus through Mary.  My husband, children and friend/accountability partner have all helped me along the way.  ALL FOR!

I’ve experienced some setbacks which have brought me to my knees.  My most recent plea to Him was to give me a boost so that I could continue to move forward on my journey.

Here is what He gave me.

JOY journal homeschooling

I found this note buried in a box far removed in the garage.  I can’t even recall why I was digging in the boxes. 

This was a note from Rose, written when she was only 7 years old.  She was in third grade and it was my first year homeschooling.  We’ve been homeschooling ever since.


2011 Motto

Be Charitable. love others, especially our family the way He loves us.

Be Useful. serve always.

Be Gentle. have the loving heart and hand of Mary.

Be Joyful. stay rooted in the true JOY – JESUS.  share the JOY with all.

Forget about yourself. die to self, live for God alone.

ALL FOR!…Jesus through Mary with the intercession of St. Joseph.Wordle: ALL FOR


  1. It's good to restate our goals, to get them out there in plain view, to remind ourselves what we are doing, why we are doing, and that we can only do it with Our Lord's help. I too fall back and become discouraged. I'm praying for you today and your commitment and courage and resolve. blessings,

  2. Its funny in a way how reading certain blogs of catholic moms like yourself, you tend to see yourself in your struggles, etc... But that's the beauty of our Church and confession, that we will fall but that we get up is the question. As you follow St.Josemaria, you will see if you haven't yet that he is so full of couragment for he tells us.. you get up and you get up with joy and hope for Christ, For He
    die for us and we must live for Him. I will pray that you are filled with courage and blessing today and everyday!

  3. What a sweet note! Sometimes just the simplest things make all the differeence! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  4. Oh what a grace to treasure in that note! Thank you for sharing your plans and goals for His glory. I have had many recent "tests" so I am thankful for this. You and Melody are both inspiring examples for us all:-)

  5. I recently tried to get my prayer life back on track and in an attempt to draw closer to Jesus and pray from the heart, I have created a prayer blog called i blog Jesus. I'm trying to offer reflections to help us talk more intimately with Jesus.
    What do you think?

  6. AMDG

    all - thank you for your prayers and encouraging words.

    ‘I forget the past and strain ahead for what is still to come. I am racing for the finish, for the prize to which God calls us upwards to receive in Christ Jesus.’ (Phil. 3:14)

    iblogJesus - May God bless you for your willingness to go outside your comfort zone. May Our Lady’s mantle cover your work and the Holy Ghost be your guide.

    Pax Christi - lena



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