Bye-Bye February

2.11 crafting

2.11 – rose has been the lil’ crafter of the house.  she has designed headbands and is now in the production stage.

art inspiration

2.14 – St. Valentine’s art lesson.  inspiration - we used rose’s kindergarten piece that she entered in an art exhibit at the local museum.  this is now being displayed in their hallway art gallery.

dad giving papi a treatment

2.15 – this was papi’s last bout with a week long illness.  he put himself to sleep in my bed.  dad gave him a treatment while he was sleeping.

 dad and gio 2.15.11

2.16 – twins.

papi blowing out the fire at dinner

2.16 – ladybug’s birthday dinner.  papi trying to blow out the flame.

 papi strecthing me after 11.25 mile run 

2.26 – my stretching buddy.


  1. Fun pics! Love that stretching buddy:-) Hope Papi is feeling better by now. March blessings!

  2. thank you for your kind words, prayers, inspiration....
    papi is better. we are prayerfully preparing for lent and in great need of prayers.
    your beautiful family is in our prayers. may you have a blessed and fruitful lent.
    ALL FOR!



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