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It was part of our Lenten program, to have a Father over for dinner and to entertain friends that we have not seen in some time.  We hadn’t planned to have them all in the same visit.

One priest turned into two priests plus Sweetie’s Godfamily with five children.

Needless to say, we had a surge in our Lenten cleaning.

The pressure was on. We had less than a week’s notice.  And if that weren’t enough, Rose, my #1 helper was miserably ill.

Praise God, we were able to persevere.  With a couple of all nighters and a scurry in the eleventh hour, the house was ready for our special guests.

We are just about 50% done with our entire Lenten cleaning.

Here’s a peek at some of our progress, minus the before pictures. Let’s just say, I’m still working on humility.  : )

  entryway & hallwayJOYfilledfamily entry way

holy roomJOYfilledfamily holy room

schoolroom JOYfilledfamily school room

family roomJOYfilledfamily living room

kitchenJOYfilledfamily kitchen

high school schoolroom, craft room & office JOYfilledfamily high school space  


You can see more about our Lenten cleaning program resources here


I have also been watching some great Women of Grace episodes on the topic of organization.  I listed the links below.

Women of Grace Shows on Organization: 

Possessed by the Mess: Clean Up and Clean Out with guest Dale O'Leary - Some time ago we aired a program called "Saver, Collector, Hoarder - Which One Are You?" The viewer response was overwhelming and we just knew it was important to revisit this topic in more detail. Our guest is going to tell us why saving is not a virtue, and why, in fact, it could be detrimental to your soul. But she is also going to give us a four step spiritual approach to cleaning up and cleaning out.

Getting Organized and Staying that Way – Getting organized is one thing. Staying that way is quite another. How do we put our homes in right order and maintain a predictable environment for our family - one that yields security, hominess, comfort, and peace? Today's guest has the answers for us. She is a professional organizer who has helped many people find the way to the joy that comes from a well-ordered home.


Here is an examination of Conscience for home cleaning, created by Dale O’Leary.

Possessed by the Mess

Getting the Heart Ready to Unload the House

Step 1: Examination of Conscience

  • Have I desired things that I didn’t really need?
  • Have I bought items I’ve never used?
  • Have I coveted things that belong to another?
  • Have I envied those who have more than me?
  • Do I trust God to meet my needs?
  • Have I failed to return items I have borrowed?



Whenever you begin any good work you should first of all make a most pressing appeal to Christ our Lord to bring it to perfection.  ~ St. Benedict


  1. Great post, Lena! Everything looks gorgeous:-) We Moms can appreciate one another's work so well. I don't recall seeing your school room before...love the colors and organization. Thank you for the resources, I will be checking those out. Praying your dinner was blessed beyond measure!

  2. You have such a lovely home! I love that you have a "holy room." How wonderful!

  3. Your home is just lovely! I so enjoyed seeing these pictures. I am going to have to check out the Women of Grace shows that you linked to. God bless!

  4. Great job! Thanks for linking up!



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