Keeping It Real

I was feeling guilty for not having posted before pics for my Lenten cleaning.  I struggle with doing it all.  My home is usually the first to go.  I try to do a quick clean in between nursing, homeschooling, cooking…but my home seldom stays this clean for longer than a few minutes, and it almost never gets this clean for regular company, only special guests.

It’s one of my many crosses. I strive to do better each day but often come up short.  I'm thankful that I have a husband who always lends a hand and lifts me up to try again.
Here it is, my late night act of humility…..
keeping it real


  1. You have blessed me this morning because of your humility! LOL! I struggle with order in my busy home and it is one of the ways in which I have been humbled in my life. I try and try and it still sneaks up so quickly. I am not glad that you sometimes have messes... I am just glad that people I really admire struggle with similar things; it shows me that there is hope for me yet! So, I thank God for your humility because I am renewed in my motivation to work at this in my own house today. :)

  2. thanks for sharing this post. Now I do not feel as bad for not having the picture perfect home. We all struggle with keeping our homes magazine perfect, specially when we have little one to care for.

  3. I am constantly comparing myself to other bloggers especially when I see pictures of their clean homes. Thank you for sharing your before pictures. When I first read your Lenten cleaning post, I looked at the beautiful pictures of your home and wishing I could be organized like you. Seeing the before photos showed me that everyone at some time has a messy house! I tend to think that other bloggers live in perfectly immaculate homes based on their after photos and I'm just a disorganized mess who can't get it together.

  4. Bless you. My name is amanda and I just started reading your blog. My home is ALWAYS a mess. Its something I struggle with daily too. My husband is awesome but I know it would bless him to have a cleaner home. I too am working on this for lent. Thank you for sharing. I will be praying for you and you family.

  5. Thank you so much for joining me in Keepin it real : )

  6. Thanks for sharing your humility with us, Lena! These posts are so refreshing! Your pile of laundry, toy areas and kitchen look familiar. What a blessing it is to have our kids AND their messes. :) God bless you.



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