No Flower More Fair

Rose will be 16 on March 29.  Dad and I asked her what she would like to do for her birthday.  She asked to have her annual bday retreat with me.  I assured her that we would go on retreat and that we wanted to give her a special treat this year.  I came up with elaborate  ideas, all of which, she rejected.  She asked to have friends come over for the day.  She was thrilled when dad and I told her she could have them spend the night.  We’ve opted out of sleepovers for the children.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity for a first for Rose, sweet fun.

We decided to have Rose’s party prior to her birthday and Lent.  We wanted her and her friends to go all out.  It would be a “Fat-Tuesday Weekend.”

We attended first Saturday Mass and Sodality/Little Flowers.  Then we loaded the girls up in the two getaway vehicles. 

The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or the The Congregation of the Children of Mary, has for its object to assemble its members at the feet of the Mother of God, to dedicate them in a very special manner to the veneration and service of the Blessed Virgin, and to place them under her particular patronage and protection both in life and at the hour of death.

A person truly devout to Mary will be enrolled in her Sodality; will celebrate her feasts very piously; will wear her scapular and medal; will venerate her images and visit her shrines; will love to read books on her life and virtues, and will endeavor throughout the year, but especially in May, to imitate her example. Certainly, a girl, a woman, cannot be said to have a true devotion to the Mother of God unless she honors and invokes her by frequent and fervent prayers. ~ Father Lasance, Catholic Girl’s Guide

16th bday party

The girls had a blessed time together.  They had wholesome girl fun together, outdoors, without any technology.  It was refreshing to witness 10 girls, ages 15-18, enjoying each other’s company - being in the world but far removed from being of the world.  We gave thanks to God for blessing Rose with beautiful friends, inside & out.

Your innocence guard with the utmost care—
Once lost, there is nought that loss can repair.
How sweet the fragrance it sheds around—
No flower more fair on earth can be found.

~ Father Lasance, Catholic Girl’s Guide



True friends seek to promote the good and happiness of each other. ~ Father Lasance, Catholic Girl’s Guide

friends JOY 
What friendship out to be, for it ought to be pure and true, like gold and precious stones. ~ Father Lasance, Catholic Girl’s Guide

Pax Christi,


  1. Early Birthday Blessings to Rose...Sweet 16! What an amazing grace to have such beautiful, Godly friends. My heart is smiling for Rose and for you.

  2. Such a sweet daughter you have, my God bless her. Quick question, what mother daughter retreat do you annually participate in.....just wondering so I can find something in my area.



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