Nun Run

nun run 2011 joy

Saturday, March 12 was the official day for the 2nd Annual Nun Run.  I woke up at 4:45am to cook breakfast and get ready to run.  Papi woke up at 6:30am and was certain to rally the troops.  Dad got home at 7am.  He ate breakfast and got ready ready for the run. 

We went out at 7:45am to start our run at 8:00am.

pre race JOY

Everyone was excited to be outdoors.  Sweetie had shoe troubles, her laces were too long.  She forgot all about it once she got moving.

Here we are warming up - walking to the levee.warm up joy

team all for joy

Sparkles agreed to have some pre-race fun.  She joyfully warmed up as Sr. Carmen Maria Bernadette.

nun run 2011 sparkles JOY

We decided to run the first mile together.  Rose had to opt out of running.  She is still recovering from an injury. 

Runners, take your mark!

 take your mark JOY

We had a couple of false starts.false start joy

The girls pushed themselves and ran hard.

Here are the 1 mile race results:

  • Sweetie -11:32
  • Sparkles - 11:48
  • Dragonfly - 11:54

Papi – ran his own race and did not go for time.

papi collage joy

We had a beautiful scenery to help keep our minds focused on Our Creator.  animals joyscenery joymore scenery joy        

Rose took the littles back home after their 1 mile run.  Dad and I continued for the remainder of our 10K.

post mi one

I’ve ran many miles over the past 2 months.  Still, running doesn’t seem to get easier for me.  I must make a new conviction each mile to persevere, to glorify God with everything I do.  I meditate on Christ’s Passion when I run.  It is through Him that I find my strength.

mom on home stretch JOY

Lena’s 10K time – 60 min 57 sec

Dad was kind enough to run with me despite his lack of sleep. He was a wonderful running partner.

   Here we are post race, 6.2miles.

mom and dad post run


share your race day….


  1. I'm thanking God for your inspiration, your commitment, and your dedication to family, Lena! Keep it up and remain JOYful!
    Love that Papi!

  2. Congrats on the awesome! Weren't we blessed with a beautiful day? Your scenery was gorgeous, praise God. Great job to all the kids too...glorious team effort;-)

  3. Lena-I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this journey and your posts and pictures are absolutely delightful. I want to comment on! Such a joyful inspiration! I can't pick a favorite post or picture. Although maybe that little nun wins out. :)

    btw... I did wear a skirt on race day. A running skort over leggings. It worked out very well.

  4. aranas clan - thank you for your encouragement and prayers. i hope your beautiful family can join us next year. (papi enjoyed the string on sun.)

    tiffany - the weather was gorgeous. the girls got a sunburn from an afternoon of soccer.

    you are in my prayers for a speedy recovery. i experienced a similar injury when i started to run post preg (with dragonfly). it's intense, i know. just look at it this way, God has created a wonderful opp. for your little blessings to grow in charity as they serve you. :)

    melody - i'm blessed to call you a friend. thank you for your inspiration and gentle pushes to lead me closer to Him.

    i think i'll try a running skirt once i hit my gw.

    we all loved your video. professor is a sweetie. we've added his special intentions to our thursday intentions.

    ALL FOR!



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