Poor Clare Nuns

We strive to live in continual and joyful penance, imitating Christ's emptying of Himself and making more evident our love of God and neighbor. ~ Poor Clare Nuns of Los Altos

The Immaculate Heart Monastery of the Poor Claresmonastery JOY

Our last visit here was seven years ago.  Rose was only 8 years old at the time and Sparkles was months old.  Rose was deeply touched by the lives of these faithful sisters.  In fact,  one day, several weeks after the visit, we found Rose sleeping on her bedroom floor.  Turns out, she had been sleeping on the floor since our visit to the Monastery.  She recalls it being her Lenten sacrifice. 

Clare from her cloister proclaimed to the world what life was really all about. In the bull giving approbation to her Rule on August 9, 1253, Pope Innocent IV wrote:
"Because you, beloved daughters in Christ, have held the pomps and pleasures of the world of no account and, following the footprints of Christ himself and of his most holy Mother, have chosen to live enclosed in body and to serve the Lord in highest poverty so that with mind unencumbered you may be servants of the Lord, we, approving in the Lord your holy way of life, with fatherly affection do gladly desire to grant benevolent support to your requests and holy desires."

st mary magdalene relic visitWe were able to visit the Poor Clare’s portress after we venerated St. Mary Magdalene’s relic.  The children enjoyed this special time with the ever joyful nun, Sr. Margret Mary.  She spoke to us from behind her screen.

Why do you speak through a screen in the parlor?
A. Because of our vow of enclosure, which of its nature seeks to express its reality in signs. And this also explains the low brick walls and ivy-covered fencing which surround our property. That is, we are perfectly content to remain on our monastery grounds for the love of God because, as our loved Mother Mary Francis has written, "God is enough, and everything else is not enough."

Sparkles shared our family with her and wrote down our names for prayers.  Sweetie sought special prayers since her name sake is St. Clare of Assisi.  Papi shared his enthusiasm and Dragonfly attempted to jump through the grille into Sr. Margret Mary’s arms.  The children left their coloring pages as a reminder to the nuns that little ones will be praying for them.

God is everything for us.
God is life. God is power.
God is truth. God is goodness
God is beauty. And, in the end,
God is our happiness.

~Pope Paul VI




We were also able to visit with sisters from Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará.

The name “Servants” (Servidoras) is a reference to (a) the faithful women who stood at the foot of the cross (Luke 8: 1-3) and (b) the term used by St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort in his True Devotion, 56.

The second part of the name, “of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará” (del Señor y la Virgen de Matará) refers to the Crucified Christ and His Blessed Mother as found on the Cross of Matará worn by the sisters, since Jesus on His Cross and the Virgin Mary must be the foundations of our spirituality.

Sister Incarnation told us her vocation story.  She had us all laughing with he self proclaimed humility.  Rose was drawn to her down-to-earth personality.

Dragonfly took a special liking to all the nuns this special day.

papi and sister incarnation He went straight for Sr. Incarnation and enjoyed her crucifix, Cross of Matara.


May we all find our way to the foot of the cross during this blessed time of year, Lent.

Pax Christi,

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