Relic Pilgrimage

“The relics, hidden at the time of the Saracen invasions (Early Middle Ages), were found in 1279, the date from which they have been venerated without interruption,” said Bishop Rey in a letter certifying the authenticity of the relics. “They are presently kept by the Dominican priests in the cave of St. Baume, a part of my diocese. A new reliquary has been constructed to allow one of the relics, a piece of the tibia, to travel to different countries for veneration by the entire Church.”


Photo: Catholic News Agency

Relic of St. Mary Magdalene

We have been blessed with a visitation of the Relic of St. Mary Magdalene.  The relic visited parishes with 2hours from us.  I first learned about the visit from my parish.  We had the visitation on our calendar but almost missed it.

This was the second stop of our Relic Pilgrimage.  Our first stop was the relic of heart of St. John Mary Vianney.  Sadly, we missed our original second stop, the relic of Don Bosco.

~~~poor clares monastery

We arrived at the Poor Clare Monastery in time for veneration.

  relic of st. mary magdalene

The nuns sang in adoration while the faithful were able to venerate the relic. 

This relic is a portion of Saint Mary Magdalene’s tibia – shinbone.

papi making a third class relic

Papi and his siblings were beyond thrilled to be able to obtain a third-class relic and pray for special intentions.

3rd Class Relic: something that has been touched to a 1st or 2nd Class Relic. You can make your own 3rd Class relics by touching an object to a 1st or 2nd Class Relic, including the tomb of a Saint.

sparkles and sweetie scapular

Sparkles and Sweetie in veneration.  Sparkles took the opportunity to have her miraculous medal (which is attached to her scapular) become a third-class relic.

rose with her miraculous medal

Rose in veneration.

 sr. incarnation and dragonfly

Dragonfly enjoyed his visit.  He was especially fond of Sr. Incarnation.


July 22 Traditional: St. Mary Magdalene, penitent ~ New: Memorial of St. Mary Magdalene

Patron: Apothecaries; Casamicciola, Italy; contemplative life; contemplatives; converts; druggists; glove makers; hairdressers; hairstylists; penitent sinners; penitent women; people ridiculed for their piety; perfumeries; perfumers; pharmacists; reformed prostitutes; sexual temptation; tanners; women.

Symbols: Rich rainment; box of ointment; skull; book; vase of sweet spices; crucifix; open book; boat.


La Sainte Baume .  A mountain cave where Saint Mary Magdalene spent the last 30 years of her life in isolation.  Her relic continues to be housed here.



Saint Mary Magdalene,
woman of many sins, who by conversion
became the beloved of Jesus,
thank you for your witness
that Jesus forgives
through the miracle of love.

You, who already possess eternal happiness
in His glorious presence,
please intercede for me, so that some day
I may share in the same everlasting joy.



  1. Beautiful moments you captured...Wonderful that you made it:-)

  2. Lena, how exciting this must have been to see St. mary Magdelene's relic and venerate her.



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