Shh! Don’t tell the kids…

Dad and I have a secret from Shrove Tuesday.  We had an after hours treat.

I bought these to make for Rose’s party.

3.8 coffee mix

We decided to try them since they were on clearance at Costco.  They’re delicious.

I’m not a coffee drinker but I do enjoy an occasional caramel frappuccino.  Dad loves anything with sugar and caffeine.

3.8 mom and dad's shrove tue treat(I’m posting this pic as a Lenten exercise in humility.)

We made ourselves a farewell drink to bring in my favorite season of the year, the Lenten season.  It was our carnival. 

Carnival is from the Latin Carnevale or "farewell to meat", and it is a time of joyful feasting and fun. The practice of celebrating carnival probably began in ancient times when the Sunday a week before the beginning of Lent was called Dominica Carnevala, or "farewell to meat Sunday" -- referring to the Lenten fast from meat and animal products…~ Women for Faith & Family, The Observance of Lent - Part I

The cappuccino mixes now sit on the counter to tempt dad.  As for me, I got my fix.  I’ll see how long it lasts.

I said good-bye to all drinks that are not clear and tasteless – I’m only drinking water.  I have to get creative with fasting since I’m nursing and have a dispensation from adhering to the laws of fasting.


"Penance is not just an effort, a weight, but it is also a joy. Sometimes it is a great joy of the human spirit, a delight that other sources cannot bring forth. Contemporary man seems to have lost, to some extent, the flavor of this joy. He has also lost the deep sense of that spiritual effort which makes it possible to find oneself again in the whole truth of one's interior being. Our civilization ­ especially in the West ­ closely connected as it is with the development of science and technology, catches a glimpse of the need for intellectual and physical effort. But he has lost the sense of the effort of the spirit, the fruit of which is man seen in his inner self. The whole period of Lent ­ since it is a preparation for Easter ­ is a systematic call to this joy that comes from the effort of patiently finding oneself again. Let no one be afraid to undertake this effort." ~ Pope John Paul II, 1979 Lenten Message

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