Soccer Days

Sweetie and Sparkles started their soccer season.  They play for the same coach but on separate teams.  Their first games were on March 12, after the Nun Run.

3.12 sweetie's first soccer game   This was Sweetie’s first game, ever!  She was a bit nervous at the start of the game.  She plays on a co-ed team and holds her own.  She plays with strength and sheer determination.  Gotta love her wristband.

3.12 sparkles soccerSparkles was eager to join Coach E for a second year.  He is great with the kids and respects our family priorities.  Sparkles is the complete opposite of Sweetie (in many ways).  In terms of soccer, she plays with grace and a smile.  She loves to use her head.  She’s been working on scoring with headers.  She perfects every move I show her.  Sparkles didn’t play with her wristband because it was too big for her tiny self.

3.12 soccer days  Dragonfly was happy to be outdoors.  Papi was exhausted from his 1 mile run/walk.  Nana put him to bed while Papa kept company with Sparkles.  Rose relaxed since her game was canceled.  Dad enjoyed his seeds while he nursed his aching feet from the 10k.  I was still pumped about running with Team ALL FOR!

lena uop soccer 96-97Just for fun!  This is me at the end of my soccer career.  I hung up my dreams to serve my family.  Deo gratias!

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