Viva San Giuseppe

On March 19th, the Festa San Giuseppe takes place. Although traditionally it began in Sicily, the Feast of San Giuseppe (St. Joseph) is now celebrated throughout most of Italy. According to legend, during the Middle Ages a terrible drought and famine plagued the people of Sicily. It virtually destroyed most of their crops and many people in the western part of Sicily died of starvation. The people began praying to St. Joseph and begged for his intercession to their plight. In return they promised to celebrate his feast day by having special altars abundant in food that would be shared with all people rich and poor as their thanksgiving to him.image

This is dad’s family crest from his maternal grandfather.


We had a simple celebration for the feast of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Virgin Mary.  We honored our earthly father (husband) and St. Joseph.

dad with his treat

Sparkles coordinated a surprise for dad.  She led her siblings in a St. Joseph procession around the house.  Then she presented dad with his treat, a yummy peanut butter, and chocolate, caramel ice-cream sundae.

dad's treatWe had not planned to create a St. Joseph’s Altar but we decided to improvise while dad went out for an errand.  Our St. Joseph Altar was simple and non-traditional.

We placed some of dad’s favorites on the altar.  It was our first official break in our Lenten fast.  Dad was elated to see what we worked on for him in honor of St. Joseph.  All, including Papa & Nana, enjoyed it.

dad's st joseph's altar

Sparkles invented a sweet game for the feast of St. Joseph.  She hid St. Joseph's heart (chocolate heart candies) in the sawdust (breadcrumbs).  Everyone took turns finding his heart in the sawdust.  Papi (3) loved this game and insisted he needed more hearts.

May St. Joseph Always Smile Upon Us.


~~~San Giuseppe

 “Day after day, at home in the carpenter’s shop, his eyes rested on Jesus: he  protected Him against the dangers of childhood; he guided His advancing years, and by hard work and with religious devotedness he provided for the increasing needs of the Mother and the Son… And there was Joseph, modest, self effacing, yet exercising authority over the family.  How holy he must have been!  Under his fatherly protection and ceaseless tireless care the young Boy grew into manhood...Don’t you think that now in heaven he is the same loving father and guardian of the whole Church, of all its members, as he was of its Head on earth?  We hear your answer; Yes.  And does he not know that oh so many of its children are terribly in need of help?  They need help for their souls – grace of repentance, the grace of humble, unstinted surrender to the holy will of God; and Joseph turns to Jesus, of old his Boy of Nazareth and at once graces flow abundantly for the souls of men.”  ~ Fr.  Gilsdorf, Go to Joseph






  1. What a beautiful, even if improtu, altar! And how great that you honored your husband!

    God Bless -- your children are beautiful!


  2. That hubby of yours sure has a sweet tooth! Perhaps that's why his children are so sweet! ;)
    Blessed Month of St. Joseph!

  3. Hi, I'm visiting you from Evann's St. Joseph Altar link up and I'm so glad I stopped in! Your children and blog are beautiful! I love that you honored your husband for St. Joseph's Feast Day and that looks like one yummy sundae! Your altar is great and you did good work to think of something so special so fast! It sounds like you and your family had a blessed day! Come by and say hi if you'd like over in my corner of the world at "A Slice of Smith Life". I also linked up a post of our homeschool altar to Evann's link up!
    God bless!

  4. What a lovely impromptu setting! Your love and JOY shines through;-)

  5. Gorgeous! Love the ice cream feast!!! Thanks, Lena, for joining in the blog fest. I'm just now getting around to visiting the Altars. I'm very exicted to have some new participants and glad to see old friends too. Viva San Giuseppe!



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