Gratitude Giveaway

I’m joining Melody and sharing some joy.

I’m giving away 2 custom tile necklaces.  You can choose your own saint picture, phrase, or photo.  I will take your inspiration item and design the tile.

The tile necklace will make a great gift for Easter, First Communion or any other special occasion.

ICON - Our Lady of Prepetual Help

GOLD - Our Lady of Prepetual Help

more necklaces can be viewed here and here.

The giveaway will be closed on Wednesday, April 13 at 2pm PST.  This will give me enough time to create your special masterpiece and have it shipped to you in time for Easter.

To enter, leave a comment on this post.  Tell me one fun fact about you that most people don’t know.

Here’s my fun fact:  I had 2 at home - water births.

The winners will be randomly picked and announced on Wednesday evening.


"Keep the joy of loving God in your heart and share this joy with all you meet especially your family. Be holy – let us pray." ~ Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta


  1. Sweet giveaway! I will have a tough time deciding which images to choose if I win...but so much fun!

    Fun fact: emptying the dishwasher is one of my favorite chores. But I loathe washing dishes by hand! The stacks on my counter is proof. ;)

  2. what a great giveaway Lena. But don't enter me -- I already won a beautiful tile pendant from you in your last giveaway! and I love it.

  3. Hi Lena,
    I followed you here from Melody's website:) I love those necklaces! How beautiful!!!

    Random fact that most people don't know? Hmmm...
    I enjoy working a lot more than just sitting around and thinking about working;)

  4. Those tiles are so pretty!

    Fun fact of me- most people don't know that I'm ambidextrious.

  5. How pretty, Lena! I remember these from one of your earlier posts and loved them then, too.

    Little known fact: When I am stressed out, it calms me to make something with my hands. I have "emergency" crafty moments. :)

  6. Those are beautiful!

    My fact: My knees hyperextend way, way, way back. It's gross and awesome at the same time. :D

  7. What a lovley idea! Very pretty! A fun fact about me.... some people know this and some don't but I am a convert to the Catholic Faith only 9 years ago :) God blessed me with an amazing grace!

  8. Fun random fact about me - my nickname as a little girl was Gravel Gertie.

  9. I love this giveaway!
    Fun fact: God has a great sense of humor, I am not an animal or nature person, and now I live in a farm with: cows, sheep, donkey, and chickens...
    If I win you can contact me on my e-mail

  10. Just reading the tutorial for making these!!! Would be even greater to win. One little fact about me, hmmmm, I speed clean my house so that I can spend time with my kids.

  11. Fun fact: I just finished my first marathon!

  12. How delightful! I am related to the princes of England.

  13. SO pretty!

    Fun Fact: I have had 8 addresses with my husband in our 12 years of marriage. AND this is just the beginning... we are on a journey of traveling about with our kiddos and have a new address every couple weeks or so!!

  14. Thanks, they are beautiful! Fun fact: I was valedictorian in High School.

  15. They are a beautiful gift to win.

    Little unknown fact: I love to go running!




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