Last Supper

last supper kitchen view crop I have been searching for the ideal picture, plaque….of the Last Supper.  I desired something in my price range and not too large.  I have limited wall space in my kitchen.  I’ve been searching the thrift stores and yard sales.

I saw a gorgeous painting of the Last Supper at Costco, last Thursday.  A traveling vendor was showcasing canvas artwork.  She had beautiful images of the Immaculate Heart and Sacred Heart.  I wish I could recall the vendor’s name.  The Last Supper image was too big and definitely out of my price range, $170.  Still, I was inspired.

I found a lovely image online when I got home.  I still can’t recall where I found it.  I’m almost positive that it came from one of the sources below.  I’ll be sure to update my source once I find it.

last supper image I printed the image and decoupaged it to a tile.  I used this technique minus the top coats.  I did not want my image to bleed and I wasn’t concerned about sealing the ink-jet image. 

last supper beforeThen I hot glued the tile into the roster frame. 

last supperPresto, my FREE image of the Last Supper.


  1. Nicely done! It really is a beautiful image and the decorative tile is perfect!

  2. The photo is beautiful! Visiting from The Girl Creative. If you ever do want to do a top coat on a printed image in the future, try using Judikins Microglaze. It works great! :-)

  3. Amazing eye you have for all of that! What a sacred addition to your home:-)

  4. Great idea! It looks professional!

  5. That looks really nice and thanks for the link to "He Gently Calls Us." It's not from my site but it is lovely and I'm happy to see some of your visitors
    over on my holy card blog.



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