Walk This Way

Dragonfly is a few days short of 11 months.

Gio's first steps

He took his first steps on Tuesday, April 12.  It was a series of 3 steps.  He has been taking solo steps since then.

dragonfly walking 

here’s Dragonfly at his nightly play date with mom and dad.

It looks like he’ll be our fourth GFG to join the 11 month club.

Sparkles walked at 9 months

Sweetie and Papi walked at 10 months

Rose walked at exactly 12 months

I’m not sure that dad and I are ready to have two boys on the loose.

round button chicken


  1. Thanks for joining! You have a cute little boy there!

  2. Oh, he's such a little doll! I laughed at your "nightly play date"... we have those, too. :) It's such a sweet and special time. He looks ready for adventure. Look out, Mom and Dad!

  3. Yay for Dragonfly...what a cutie! Do the boys wrestle eachother yet? I often wonder if I'll ever get used to that!? Blessings for safe romping over there:-)

  4. He looks so happy with himself - what a sweetie pie!

  5. He is a living doll. I know I've said that before. and i say ((((again)))) my daughter looked just like he did at his age. I posted a picture of her today at 13 months old -- on the back of her Daddy's bike. (It's the first of two posts -- check it out if you get a minute and see the resemblance. :)



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