Bl. Pope John Paul II & BVM

Now is the hour when every person must make an effort to live faithfully this Act of Consecration to Mary"-John Paul II, Dec 31st 1984

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"And so thanks to Saint Louis, I began to discover the immense riches of Marian devotion from new perspectives." -John Paul II, Marian Devotion

"Thanks to Saint Louis of Montfort, I came to understand that true devotion to the Mother of God is actually Christocentric, indeed, it is very profoundly rooted in the Mystery of the Blessed Trinity, and the mysteries of the Incarnation and Redemption." -Pope John Paul II

"Reading that book (True Devotion to Mary) has marked a decisive turning point in my life" -John Paul II

"This ‘perfect devotion’ is indispensable to anyone who means to give himself without reserve to Christ and to the work of redemption" -John Paul II, Be Not Afraid

"My heart is oppressed when I see the sin of the world and the whole range of menaces gathering like a dark cloud over mankind. Evil is spreading throughout the world. I read again with trepidation the motherly call to penance, to conversion… that resounded at Fatima sixty-five years ago. Yes, I read it again with trepidation in my heart, because I see how many people and societies—how many Christians—have gone in the opposite direction to the one indicated in the message of Fatima. Sin has thus made itself firmly at home in the world, and denial of God has become widespread in the ideologies, ideas and plans of human beings. For this very reason the evangelical call to repentance and conversion, uttered in the Mother's message, remains ever relevant. It is even more relevant than it was sixty-five years ago. It is even more urgent." -John Paul II

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