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Sparkles turned 8 on May 18.  She had been planning her birthday party since she turned seven.  She went into full gear in January.  Papa and Nana got word of her plans and decided to make her wish come true.

birthday collage 

Sparkles invited a few friends and her cousins.  I had to significantly cut her long guest list.  I’m afraid that Papa and Nana would of needed to take a second mortgage on their home just to cater to Sparkles initial guest list.  She didn’t mind one bit.  Sparkles was beyond excited to be able to share her big day with others.

ella's beday pic

She worked on finalizing her invitations in February.  Sadly, they didn’t get out since we misplaced them.  That’s why I like waiting till the last min.  ;-)   She did managed to decorate the house.  The chalkboards were my favorite creations.

mary's heart

Here are the goodie buckets that she put together.


Sparkles even created her own cake.  She requested a chocolate cake with cream puffs and chocolate dipped strawberries.  I was delighted to fulfill her request since it reminded me of my favorite cake, Buddy’s Cream Puff Cake.


We headed to her requested destination.  The kids ate and played for two hours.  Oh, I almost forgot, they watched T.V.  It was the funniest thing.  The dinning room that Sparkles chose had a T.V. showing classic cartoons.  You could definitely tell that the girls do not get the average fix of TV viewing, they were glued to the screen.


The girls moved to the arcade area after lunch.  They had a whirlwind of a time.  The place was pratically empty.  That’s a perk of homeschoolig.


 DSCF4944 DSCF4949  DSCF4953

Sparkles and her friends returned home for some free time. 

They opened presents.

presents joy

They jumped on the trampoline.

DSCF5026 DSCF5044


They played charades.


They ate more pizza.

pizza collage

They sang happy birthday and enjoyed cake and strawberry ice-cream.

Sparkles was graced by her friend C’s joyfilled version of Happy Birthday.  

You have to listen to the video in it’s entirety.

Then they played outside some more.

 Search results for Ella's 8th Bday3 

The girls ate plenty of candy and ran all over the house throughout their various sessions of fun.  It was wonderful to see the girls enjoy their time together in the most innocent and joyful manner.


Dad informed me after the party that Sparkles even planned what he was to wear, his shirt of her beloved Our Lady Of Guadalupe.


 ella's 8  

  ella's 8 sitdown

Thank you GOD for adding some Sparkle to our lives.



  1. a lovely birthday party for a lovely 8 year old!! nice job, momma. I love your blog header too! and the blessed teresa quote.

  2. Birthday Blessings to 8-is-Great Sprarkles! What a day filled with celebration and fun. Mary's heart was certainly with all of you in more ways than one. Just love all of your photos and new header

  3. What a JOY-filled birthday -- thanks for sharing!

  4. Now THATS an incredible looking cake!

    What a beautiful family, that birthday girl is gorgeous!



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