I Dare You!

The month of May is dedicated to The Blessed Virgin Mary

My girls and I accepted a dare and we’re recommitting to wearing skirts for the month May. 

We dare you to join the dress dare and wear dresses and skirts throughout the month of May.

check here for the official rules. 



"the sins which bring most souls to hell are the sins of the flesh. Certain fashions are going to be introduced which will offend Our Lord very much... the Church has no fashions; Our Lord is always the same..." ~ Blessed Mother at Fatima to Bl.Jacinta Marto


  1. Neat idea...

    But *spoil alert* I don't know if I could do that...

    How do you get all of your work done in a skirt? I mean, heavy lifting, trudging through the mud after the boys?

    I always wear modest dresses and skirts at Mass. And I'm not saying that I dress like a floozy outside of Mass, but...

    Okay, okay...I'll pray about it, okay??? ;)

    Peer pressure is a good thing, as a lot of my gf's already wear skirts pretty much full time...I havne't gotten there yet though...I'll keep pondering...

  2. It's nice to see this topic broached as a sisterly challenge since it usually provokes such controversy even in the most conservative Catholic circles. We've been wearing skirts exclusively since we started attending the Traditional Latin Mass a few years before Summorum Pontificum. It can be radical and sometimes requires sacrificing some activities, but it is easier to establish the long-term habit in girls when there are no exceptions. Good luck to you and your darling daughters, Lena!

  3. I wore skirts around the house a couple times this week and a couple new knit additions (think yoga pants in a skirt) will be arriving soon in the mail. My problem? It's still below 60 degrees here and I freeze! I'm a total baby when it's cold. I'm always more prettily dressed in the Summer. But I love the challenge.:)



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