Marian Procession

Mary, you are the joy of those in heaven, the help of those on earth, the consolation of those still burdened by their sins. Accept our May blossoms, accept each flower as a symbol of praise and thanksgiving! Thank you for your cooperation in the plan that changed the destiny of the world. Teach us, Mary, teach us, that we, too, may make the place where we are a little paradise for God.

~ based on the lament of St. Bernard of Clairvaux

may procession collageMy family participated in our Parish/Diocese May Procession through the streets of Downtown Sac.  I coordinated the participation of my Little Flowers group.  Dragonfly and Papi tagged along.  Rose could not walk because she was required to be at the church for choir practice prior to the Solemn High Mass.  I doubt she would have been able to walk, anyways.  She is still recovering from a dislocated knee cap. 

 girls on the walkThe Little Flowers led the procession.  Each girl wore a blue hat in honor of Mary and held handmade paper basket filled with flower petals.  They tossed the petals as they walked. 

momPapi was the honorary Little Flower.  He would sneak flowers from the baskets and toss them from the stroller.  Dragonfly had the best seat in the house, my back.  He fell asleep within the first mile.  Dad was part of the security patrol.  He escorted the front of the procession.

confession on the processionThe sacrament of Confession was offered on the procession.

cathedral - processionThe three mile procession led us to the Cathedral.  A Solemn High Mass was held.  It was followed by the May Crowning.  A Little Flower (who will be receiving First Communion next week) was selected to crown Mary.

sparklesWe add a blessed day.


Mary, you are a queen! The most Blessed Trinity has confidently placed the welfare of the Church into your powerful and gentle motherly hands, just as that same Church is entrusted to each of us at our confirmation. You will lead the pilgrim people of God home to his infinite loving heart. Giving you the crown is a symbolic way to entrust to you once more the full responsibility for this task.

~based on the lament of St. Bernard of Clairvaux


  1. what a beautiful procession. beautiful dresses on your girls. And you were pushing and carrying quite big loads !! how do you do it all! the holy card, I can't remember where I found it...but feel free to copy it for your blog or elsewhere. just right click on it, and click properties and copy the url and you are all set. also you can just click "copy" and you should be able to copy it into a WORD document, and print it off for a holy card! God bless,

  2. Lena,

    Thank you so much for becoming a follower on my blog. It meant so much to me that you did that. What a beautiful procession. I hope your Easter season has been fruitful.

    In the Risen Lord,

  3. Lena~What an amazing day this must have been...You look like a beautiful warrior for Christ with 1little guy on your back and pushing another;-)Thank you to you and your family for being a true witness and example for us all. The girls are getting SO big and cuter than ever!



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