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{pretty, happy, funny, real}

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cathedralinside cathedral

this was the inside the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament for the Solemn High Mass that followed the May Procession.


carm on tramp  clare on tramp

dad and i finally put the trampoline up,  it only took us 4 years of waiting and 3 hrs to assemble.  the kids are making up for lost time.  they’re on it at all hours of the day.


g olive   this is dragonfly’s first olive.  he knew exactly what to do with it….put it on his finger, of course.



we were at the Capitol two days this week.

life collage

our first visit was to take a stand for LIFE.

 procession pic

our second visit was to take a stand for eternal LIFE.  we participated in the Marian procession in honor of Mary and reparation.

both visits were for Jesus through Mary!


round button chicken


  1. Beautiful pictures! I especially like your little baby putting olives on his fingers! So cute!

  2. I love the pictures of the beautiful cathedral. That is so funny how they automatically know to stick an olive on there finger.

  3. Wonderful! The Cathedral is so beautiful. And so are the little jumping beans and olive-wearers. :)

  4. Love the cathedral....Love it.
    God Bless your Day!

  5. Wow, the Cathedral is beautiful with that suspended crucifix. And love those bright yellow balloons for life. What a grace-filled week you have had! May it keep you sustained when you need it most. Ave Maria.

  6. Hi there
    Beautiful Pictures! I would like to ask if I could put your cathedral picture, the top one on my website with the hymn "Ancient of Days"?
    Link is below. God bless!
    Ancient of Days



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