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P5240063 P5240056

first profession of vows for 5 Missionaries of Charity sisters.


 P5240006     P5240018

  P5240020 P5240021

we went on a field trip to the Apple store.   my GFG made an iMovie.  dad and i tinkered around the store while we waited with papi and dragonfly.  dragonfly used the iPod for all of 5 seconds before he found a way to detach the security cable.  he set off an ear piercing alarm.  it amazes me just how tech savvy the little ones are.



P5240029   P5240040 we stopped by the wharf for lunch before attending the profession.  sweetie was just about to feed the birds when she witnessed a seagull attack a tourist with a bread bowl of clam chowder.  she decided to stay clear of the birds.  she even hid her bread in her sweater.  she wasn’t about to share her freshly baked sourdough bread.


HS math joy   this is an example of the multi-tasking that sparkles and sweetie are always coming up with.  sparkles desired to be outdoors but had some math time left.  she created this math chart on the fence in our backyard.  now the girls get to jump on the trampoline while they learn.


round button chicken


  1. What a beautiful church! What city is it in? I did volunteer work with the Missionaries of Charity when we lived in Charlotte, NC and I miss having them around!

  2. The church is gorgeous! Wow! Love the math chart on the fence-very creative!

  3. Your whole post is beautiful & cute, but I love, love, love the last one...the Math chart is so awesome of your children...and I truly love the B & W!:)

  4. Wow - that first picture is breathtaking. I love how the alter shines (heaven on earth!) and the covered heads up front. I also enjoy the last photo. Perfect example of how children can learn in creative ways :)

  5. What a beautiful church and I love the rows of habited heads filling the pews. Great capture!

  6. What a gorgeous church! And what a wonderful opportunity for your family. One of my daughters has expressed interest in becoming a nun. It warms my heart so much when she talks about it. Who knows what will happen in 10 or 15 years, but the fact that she even is considering it, is wonderful to me. The hard part is that we don't know any sisters. I would love for her to meet one or two, just to have that personal example. But I have no idea how to go about this. Anyway, thank you for always sharing the Faith here. I appreciate you!

  7. +AMDG+
    Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
    For the Greater Glory of God

  8. @ Sarah,
    Have you thought about your daughter writing to a sister or convent? We keep in contact with a friend who became a nun. It's been such a blessing to write to her and to get her few joy filled, loving, and prayerful letters

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