You are the Life

JOYfilledfamily and MC JOYWe are in need of constant reminders of what is needed to reach our home.  Mostly recently, we were blessed with two wonderful opportunities for such reminders.   The first was a visit to hear Fr.Brian Kolodiejchuk, M.C.  The second was to celebrate the Missionaries of Charity First Profession of Vows.

These events are also ways which dad I believe are called upon us to better lead our gifts from God, our children.  We pray that both events will grow fruits within our family and provide us with grace to do His will, always. 

Without You I can do nothing. ~ Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Please keep Fr. Brian Kolodiejchuk & Sr. Maria Dolores and the entire MC family in your prayers



Reflections by one of her priests and the
Postulator of her Cause for Canonization,
Fr. Brian Kolodiejchuk, M.C.

fr brianRose and I traveled on Tuesday to hear Fr. Brian Kolodiejchuk, M.C.  He is the Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity Fathers and Postulator of Bl. Mother Teresa's Cause for Canonization.  He also edited Come Be My Light

Father shared his call to his vocation and his close encounters with Bl. Mother Teresa.  He knew Mother Teresa for twenty years. 

Father cited the two special gifts that mother received as a child, in addition to being surrounded by a good family and parish.

  1. Mother recalled that since she was a child, the heart of Jesus has been her first love.
  2. From the time she received her First Communion at the young age of 5 1/2, she had a love for souls.

He spoke of her simple ways, similar to that of her namesake, St. Therese of Lisieux.  Father spoke of Mother’s close union with God and the darkness that she experienced.  She accepted all that she encountered, for the love of Christ. 

Father went into more detail about Mother Teresa’s pure vision of faith.  She made a private vow five years after her final profession in 1942.  She professed this vow to be binding under mortal sin.

Not to refuse Him anything.  Give God everything I Have.  ~ Mother Teresa

She sasiated His thirst.

Here are some more quotes of Mother Teresa that Fr. Brian shared.

Love is not talking.  Love is living.  I can talk about love all day and not have loved once.  ~ Mother Teresa

Something beautiful for God.  ~ Mother Teresa

Her call was to…Love Jesus as He has never been loved before.  ~ Mother Teresa

Works  of love are works of peace.  ~  Mother Teresa

This was all wonderful food for our soul.  Rose and I were grateful for the time together and the wonderful example of humility that was shared with us.  Click here to listen to and read more mediations by Fr. Brian Kolodiejchuk, M.C.

(prayer dedication in my family’s copy of Come Be My Light)

For JOYfilledfamily,

May Mother Teresa be a light

of faith + love + help you be a

light to each other + to all you

meet + serve.

God bless you,

Fr. Brian, M.C.




st paul's catholic church joy

The entire family traveled over an hour to celebrate an event that only takes place in two places in the world.  It is a great blessing to be near to one of those locations.  This was the third time that we have been able to witness the MC profession.  The children are always touched by the joy that radiates from the sisters.  Dad and I were especially moved by the families of the sisters.  We felt their love and support for their loved ones as they confirmed God’s will. 

mc choir JOY MC Choir

Examination & Profession JOY Examination & Profession

presentation of the crucifix JOY Presentation of the Crucifix

You are the Life

the newly Professed sung in gratitude

You are the Life that I want to live

You are the Light that I want to radiate

You are the way to the Father,

You are the love with which I want to love

You are the joy that I want to share

You are the Peace that I want to sow

Jesus, You’re everything to me!

Without You, I can do nothing.


You’re in the Poor whom I want to serve

Yours is the thirst that I want to satiate

You are the One whom my heart loves!

Nothing can separate me from Your Love

You are the truth that I want to tell

You are my Spouse now and for life

Jesus, You’re Everything to me!

Without, I can do nothing.


Jesus gave Mary as a Mother to me

under Your Cross, Her love I will imitate

I want to echo Her fiat

Close to Our Lady, I’ll quench Your Thirst

A Victim of Love for You I will be

Jesus You’re everything to me!

Without you I can do nothing.


Mother Teresa ~ Ora pro nobis.

Jesus, you made Blessed Teresa an inspiring example of firm faith amtstairscroppednd burning charity, an extraordinary witness to the way of spiritual childhood, and a great and esteemed teacher of the value and dignity of every human life. Grant that she may be venerated and imitated as one of the Church's canonized saints.
Hear the requests of all those who seek her intercession, especially the petition I now implore... (mention here the favour you wish to pray for).

May we follow her example in heeding Your cry of thirst from the Cross and joyfully loving You in the distressing disguise of the poorest of the poor, especially those most unloved and unwanted.

We ask this in Your name and through the intercession of Mary, Your Mother and the Mother of us all.


  1. Wow! How absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your experience. We don't have anything like that near us but we will be attending a Mass of thanksgiving for a young lady who is entering the Fransciscans. I am so excited because seeing a habited nun in our area is as common as seeing exotic wildlife. It just doesn't happen unless they travel here for something else.
    God bless you all!

  2. Beyond words...just amazing graces and beautiful events. So happy for you and your family to experience all of this. You are a witness to obedience and following God's lead. Thank you for sharing your blessings!

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