We are blessed to be able to observe Rogation Day within our parish community.

In addition to the beautiful liturgical observation, we get to share a meal with friends and spend the day at the farm.


 papi and hs  papi on the haystack papi petting horse sparkles feeding horse papi feeding the horse papi with cows papi and gio

Deo gratias!


  1. For us, nothing beats a day at the farm. The kids love it! I grew up with my grandparents living on a farm, so I really miss that my kids only get to visit one periodically. Looks like you all had a great time! :-)

  2. It's an amazing blessing and grace that your children have this opportunity to grow up with such deep traditional practices. There's so much to learn that it boggles my mind sometimes! God bless you and your dear husband for sacrifices made:-)



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