Everything is YOURS

Here is a reflection I had on Phase I of my fitness journey.  It came after I found myself defeated and raw with emotions.  There were multiple factors at play.  I was post-partum and hormonal.  I was also tired of not seeing results in my fitness and weight-loss journey.  The most prevalent factor was spiritual warfare.  I was weakened by my flesh and Satan did not miss a beat.  He was right there, ready to bring me down.  I give thanks and praise to the Good Lord for teaching me early on, what to do at such time of trial -- call on Our Blessed Mother.  She always leads me directly back to her son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.


  • I desire to be thin.
    • He calls me to be healthy.
      • That means moderate exercise and a healthy intake of food – not excessive daily exercise outside of my state of life and no starvation.
  • I desire to get out of this stage in my journey and move onto a maintenance stage.  A stage which I perceive to be an easier road.
    • He calls me to embrace where I’m at and find Him in all the struggles.
      • That means that i must seek to glorify Him in everything I do.  This includes my failures as well as my successes, they are all His.  He is pleased with my faithfulness to Him alone.
  • I desire to gain order and control of my life and family.
    • He calls me to surrender it all to Him.
      • That means that I must not seek a worldly standard of success but embrace my crosses.  I must be a joyful servant and be right ordered.  My every moment should revolve around Him.  I should seek his face in those around me.

My desires conformed to His will…

  • Forget about my desires and seek only His will for me. 
  • Be content were I am.
  • Find JOY (Him) in all that I’m surrounded with.
  • Live each moment as though it were my last so that I can make it HOME!


You have given it all to me. To you, Lord, I return it. Everything is yours; do with it what you will. Give me only your love and grace. That is enough for me.  ~St. Ignatius of Loyola


  1. ALL FOR Jesus through Mary! Thanks for being real with us and loving Him so passionately. :)

  2. Lena, your post just made me do a big sigh of relief. oh how i needed that today. just beautiful what you said. It's sort of like that poem, that goes, "I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life. He gave me life that I might enjoy all things." Our Lord always gives us what He knows we need. thanks for sharing your heart today.

  3. So, so true! I really identify with what you wrote today. I too, find myself frustrated, wanting to be in the maintenance phase instead of something I perceive as harder. This was a great reminder to seek His will in my life, even (especially?) in this! Thanks!

  4. I feel compelled to apply this to ALL the journeys in my life, not just weight loss:) Thanks for sharing such gems of wisdom...

    Praying that you are encouraged by your sufferings. As St. Bernadette says "He reserves the crown of thorns for His closest friends." God has a special place in His heart for those who suffer through all of their temptations. I'm including you tonight in my Rosary:)

  5. Lena, that was beautiful!
    I was here the other day and couldn't leave a comment, but tonite I can! Yay!

    Our hearts are restless until they rest with the Lord.

    I don't know the exact quote on that, but this post reminds me of that. I think and feel the same way often.

    The quote you left me was also beautiful, thanks so much.

    God bless Lena!

  6. It was the birthday post! Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!! God bless her with all His graces and blessings!

    Love the party, so many bright colors--just beautiful! And that cake, wow!!!

    I love the pictures of her by the lake--very pretty!

  7. This was SO inspiring! Because of you (and a few other bloggers), I have been thinking A LOT about my own health and wellness, fitness, etc. I am trying to discern was all of this looks like for ME. What the Lord is asking of me, encouraging of me. Thank you for your witness!



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