my Summer List

We’re ready for the summer!  We decided to adopt an already made summer list.  It fits us and it was too cute to pass up. 


Click here to see the complete list and print your own copy.

We’ll be making some activity swaps to fit in some special events.  We will try to post all of our fun!


  1. wow! You are ready to go this Summer! My list isn't quite so ambitious... a lot of reading and swimming and hanging out with my family. But I love your list. It is so alive! Maybe some of these things will fall into my lap as the Summer goes on. :)

  2. Its a great list. I have to add some of list isn't that much fun!

    Check out our Summer Walk for Their Lives Challenge. Its easy, fun, and you raise money to save their lives!

  3. melody - i adopted that list b/c i was too lazy to create my own. i don't plan to complete all the activities but i'll be working on living in the moment with my family. i think this list will help me. i need all the help that i can get. ;) (i ended up creating my own summer list. i may post a pic.)

    cecilia - great idea! i look forward to joining the summer walk for lives challenge.



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