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{pretty, happy, funny, real}

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st kateri tile  miraculous medal tile  st therese tile

these tile necklaces were created for a group of pretty & blessed First Communicants.


summer list JOY

my ever evolving summer list.  you can view my inspiration here and here.


dragonfly with his fav peanut butter

dragonfly loves himself some peanut butter.  he took this spoon-full of sticky yumminess when we weren’t looking.


marian art

the girls had a great time working on their Marian artwork for the ATC Swap.  sadly, i didn’t get them sent off.  this is my third failed attempt.  praise God that my girls were forgiving.


round button chicken


  1. I love the summer list! I makes me think of the list of ice cream flavors at my favorite ice cream shop in college. Blessings, Annie

  2. I also love the summer list! Our summers are so busy with the farm work, I need to be deliberate about spending time just enjoying the summer with my children. This sounds like a great way to accomplish that!Beautiful pendants!

  3. I'm impressed with your summer list. You have some great ideas that will delight your children, I'm sure. :) Have a blessed day!

  4. I love the necklaces! We didn't get our cards sent either! I told the girls maybe we'd do a swap with our local homeschool friends.

  5. I like the summer list! And I love those necklaces! They are beautiful!

  6. Those are beautiful necklace. I would love to get one for my daughter's 1st Holy Communion in August 7th. Do you have a site that you sell them?

    Also if you can recommend any place to get nice veil for 1st Holy Communion online? Or Dress? Thank you.

  7. Gorgeous tile necklaces! What a tremendous gift you have. That's a great summer list... I love that it's SO do-able:) Thank you for the inspiration on that...I am behind the power curve for our summer plans. It's those little things that make a difference. I'm sad that we missed the Marian swap too...so much to do, so little time. I pray all else is well at your house!

  8. Those pendants are so pretty...love it! Also, I saw SONIC on your Summer List...we've got to do that one this summer.:) This TX gal is happy to see a childhood favorite on someone else's summer list...very cool!

  9. The necklaces are beautiful!

  10. it's been a blast working our way through our summer list!

    cecilia - i have a limited selection of tile necklaces on my etsy site (the link can be found in the side bar on my blog). also, i'm taking custom orders. feel free to email me if you're interested. JOYfilledfamily{at}gmail{dot}com

    tiffany - i'm glad that you like the necklaces. one of them is for your princess. i hope to send it or meet up with you soon. :)



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