Summer Camps

This is a first for us, Dad is gone for a week.  This is the longest that he has ever been gone from us.  We've been spoiled blessed to have him with us on a daily basis.  Dad will be missed greatly.

His absence is for a good cause. Dad signed up to be the nurse and guide for a boys camp.  He left for Camp Sacred Heart on Sunday Morning.  He's already created lasting memories and visited the hospital for a camper who needed stitches.    We've enjoyed his nightly phone calls to give us a re-cap on his daily blessings.
Here is Dad at Camp Sacred Heart.

I We couldn't stand the thought of Dad being the only one to enjoy a good time at camp so we made up our own camp, Camp Immaculate Heart.  Rose came up with the name.

Our camp site is our backyard.

Camp Immaculate Heart campers in bed ready for their outdoor movie.

Some activities are planned but most are improvised at the direction of the campers.  Our mission is to pray & play with an emphasis on serving as Our Blessed Mother served, with joy and humility.  We pray that we, united with Dad (at Camp Sacred Heart), will glorify God and grow in virtue.

All for the Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, all through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, all in union with St. Joseph.


  1. Thank God for faithful husbands! We will also be without the Chief for a week the longest in our family history. Pray for us? We'll keep you in our prayers, too. :)

  2. Great job making the best of your dear Dad away! That is a such a blessed opportunity for him. Our Lady is surely smiling that you have followed suit with your Immaculate Heart camp...Just awesome and amazing grace:) Rod and Wesley are away this week at Scout camp...Not a spiritual journey but good father/son time. ! I have not been creative over here and a bit exhausted, also babysitting my 5yo nephew this week while my sister is away. I am lifting up many prayers on behalf of single parents as I appreciate having a wonderful spouse. I go it alone quite a bit but 8 days straight is making me praise and count many blessings to keep my spiritual compass oriented! God Bless you and may your days fly by until you are together again:)

  3. Have a wonderful week, and we'll be praying with you for all the Dads (and sons) to come home safe, rejuvenated in body, mind, and spirit! May the Sacred Heart of Jesus envelop them in love & mercy .. St. Joseph, pray for us!



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