Basic Homeschooling Mission

I have meditated on my homeschooling journey and mission but none has been as simple as my first homeschooling mission. It is one that has stuck with us and is a daily prayer for me.

My early mission was born when I went shopping for pro-life checks. It was during the early part of my first year of homeschooling. God was speaking to me and I took heed. I bought the checks and adopted the mission – GOD, FAMILY AND EDUCATION.


    • Prayer – With God, All things are Possible
    • Reading – Holy Bible
    • Science – The Earth is Full of His Glory
    • History – Noah’s Ark
    • Creation – God Made Me Special
    • Math – Count Your Blessings
    • Music – Sing Unto the Lord
    • Sports – God’s All Stars

GOD, FAMILY AND EDUCATION. This simple line remains our foundational mission. I have to return to it for direction and comfort. Dad is always helping me to remember this early call. I’m in need of constant reminders!


The purpose of Catholic home schooling is the teaching and training of children at home in order to preserve the Catholic Faith in the family and to preserve the Catholic Faith in our country. 

~ Fr. John Hardon


Here are my past three yearly homeschooling reflections.


  1. Beautiful. I am in need of constant reminders, myself:)

  2. Great reminder :) I will definitely bookmark so I can read more at your blog.

    Hopped over here from Simply Living for Him.



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