Camp Immaculate Heart

~All through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary~

Camp Immaculate Heart came to a close on Saturday.  Dad and I are already brainstorming for next year’s camp.  Yes, that means that dad is planning to be gone for another week next year.  Camp Sacred Heart was a great blessing for Dad and I’m not going to stand in the way for additional blessings.  Deo gratias!

(To clarify, Camp Immaculate Heart is not much different than a normal day of homeschooling for my family.  Nonetheless, it’s amazing what a change in the name will do to morale.)

camp immaculate heart 2011

daily prayer*water park*homemade bubbles*outdoor campout*field trip to Bass Pro Shop*sonic*outdoor movie*Sacred Heart of Jesus Prayer Intentions Frame*homemade popsicles*living room campout*swim meet in the rain*pet store*play date*baseball in the park*bike rides*outdoor movies*world cup soccer*breakfast at papa & nana’s*painting*bow and bracelet making*Mass*Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus*pizza*candy*processions*daily swim*rock climbing*bug catching*Angelus*sleepover(for Rose)*organizational lessons (a.k.a. cleaning)*phone calls from Dad*photo lessons



  1. What a collage of loveliness and blessed memories.

  2. Absolutely wonderful! Praise God!



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