CATHOLIC Homeschool

imageThis conference is an answer to many prayers.  I had been offering support to a friend who was inspired to coordinated a local homeschooling conference.  We became a bit deflated when we realized that the planning today would not yield a conference until a couple years down the road.  Within a day of this realization came an email, an answer to prayers – a nearby CATHOLIC homeschooling conference.

Praise GOD!  I’m not willing to pass up spiritual opportunities that are offered in my backyard.  My spiritual bank is full, thanks be to God, but I know how suddenly it can be emptied.  I trust that this conference will yield a nice reserve in my spiritual bank.  All food for the soul is welcome!

I’m blessed to have a husband who supports, encourages and raises me up.  Dad will be managing the home front with five kids while coordinating their participation at a City-meet and graduation party.  Thank you Lord for his humble headship of our family.

I pray that this Catholic homeschooling conference will be fruitful to His Church Militant who have chosen the call to homeschool.  I pray that I be inspired to better live out my call, to live as the Holy Family lived - a life of JOYful sacrifice.  Lastly, I pray for graces for all the husbands who lead their families to know and follow God’s will.  Cause of our JOY, pray for us!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel ~ ora pro nobis


  1. I can't tell you how sad I am to miss this:( However, I look forward to hearing all about it and praying that it continues next year and years to come! God bless you and Mother Mary guide all the organizers and other attendants, as well as your families at home.

  2. Hi Lena, I had no idea there was a Catholic Homeschooling conference. I think that's a definite answer to prayer!

    I'm just curious, any idea what percentage of homeschoolers in the US follow a Catholic homeschooling program?

  3. I am jealous. Please of please oh please take notes and blog about it for us.



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