Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Bethlehem - Day 2

Day 2:  Salinas to Marina– 15 miles 

On the second day of Pilgrimage, the patron saint was  St. Maria Goretti and the sub-theme was The Gospel of Life, a Gift for Man.*



Day 2:  Salinas to Marina

Our Lady*dove*consolations*early morning*community meals*city streets*country*fields* peace*fellowship*dust*breeze*mist* novena to the Holy Ghost*reflection*song*rosary*honks*waves*solitude*mortification* beach*tents*litany*scripture*sweet smells*vast beauty*reparation*witness*hope*JOY


day 2 hillsday 2 articday 2 lissday 2 barndoveday 2 olgday night novena to the holy ghostJOYfilledfamily



*The theme for Chartres 2011 was "The Gospel of Life." Each day of Pilgrimage had a sub-theme and a Patron Saint. I adopted Chartres theme and Patron Saints for our OLB Pilgrimage.

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  1. Lena, God bless you and your daughter on this pilgrimage!! how wonderful it must be.



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