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Dragonfly and Papi.

elissa swim

Rose enjoyed time with her cousin at a swim team party.

we got spirit...

We had some family fun with tie-dye for the swim meet.

liss swim meet

Rose swam the backstroke, freestyle and relay.

swim meet ella

Sparkles swam butterfly, backstroke, and freestyle.

fhr toothless

Sweetie lost her her two front teeth within a week of each other.

popemobile cars

Papa took the kids to watch Cars.  They were excited to have seen the Papamobile.

summer gian lexi

The kids are willing to to anything to stay cool.  summer gian washing the carsummer gio washing car v2summer gio and giansummer gio with drip systemsummer gio with sprinkler

Dragonfly loves getting others wet.

all for!

I’m far from my goal but persevering to be healthy and glorify God.  I’m embracing all obstacles and offering them up for those in need.  My toes have been one of those obstacles.  Running has taken its toll.  I’m officially without toe nails.  All for!

(Disclaimer:  Rose did not want me to show this pic.)


  1. What a beautiful family you have! Lovely pictures! Just stopping by from Like Mother, Like Daughter :)

  2. great tie-dyed shirts! we made some too and the kids had so much good. messy. fun!

    and we loved the part with the pope mobile too! i think that was my favorite part of the whole movie! well, that AND seeing all the different kinds of cars!

  3. What a great looking week! I love your tie dyes :) And who doesn't love a good toothless grin?

  4. Ooooh! Painful toes!

    What did your kids think of Cars 2? My husband and I took my son and weren't sure. We actually thought it was a bit much for the Disney movies we grew up watching!

  5. I love all the moments you have had with your family this week. What great family memories those will make! Thanks for stopping by Overcoming Busy and linking up to Living In The Moment!

  6. Your family photos are wonderful! Your kids are certainly filled with joy! And your honesty with the picture of your toenails is appreciated! Is it painful to run without them?

  7. Great job to all the swimming fishies:) Thank you for all you do to glorify God through His most Holy Mother.



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