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{pretty, happy, funny, real}

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clare soccer july 2011 v2

Sweetie played her last soccer game on Saturday.  Her team placed second in the end of the season tournament.

clare soccer july 2011

P7091518Sweet Tooth (AKA Papi) was caught on camera trying to sneak some candy.

P7091633It’s a guy thing!  Dad and Father L took dibs on who got to take the first ride on the new mower.  Father won, of course.

P7091626The girls took a break from cleaning at our parish.

P7091636The kids enjoyed some water fun with the home-made slip-n-slide.  This is a step up from our days as kids.  Dad and I used black garbage bags.  We were inspired to bring out the tarp from these dear kids.

P7081444Dragonfly can’t have just one.  He is convinced that he needs a sucker for both hands. 

P7101646ella cheering for team usa

We’ve been enjoying the Women’s World Cup.


  1. I love these glimpses into the joy of your family! I'm liking that slip n' slide! :)

  2. My kids had fun on a slip and slide for the first time this past July 4th---fun and no injuries (hurray)

  3. Sweet pictures of your children having so much fun! Your children help clean out your parish? What a wonderful gift of service at such a young age!



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