Red, White, and Blue

I love ribbon!  I've been creating hair bows and crafting with ribbons since I was a child.  I've come up with numerous ways to re-purpose the cardboard spools that the ribbon comes on.  Ribbon bracelets are one of my favs.  

They're quick and easy!  They don't (usually) require a trip to the craft store.  They can be made for all occasions.

  • ribbon 
  • cardboard ribbon spool 
  • scissors
  • hot-glue gun

  1. cut ribbon to 18-32 inches.  ribbon length varies - depending the size of the spool and width of the ribbon
  2. hot-glue the end of the ribbon to the inside of the (clean) ribbon spool. 
  3. wrap the ribbon around the spool, slightly overlapping the ribbon.
  4. secure the ribbon to the spool with hot-glue, as needed.
  5. trim the end of the ribbon as needed. secure the end of the ribbon to the inside of the spool using hot-glue.
Embellish and wear!


Pledge to pray the Rosary for America on July 4th.


  1. You are so crafty. I dislike it when people ask me how I have the time for my projects but... HOW do you find the time? lol I have the sneaking suspicion that you are light years ahead of me in the organization department!

  2. These are gorgeous you guys! And of course I LOVE the red, white, and blue. Great job passing on your gift to all the littles:D Oh how I wish I had that talent.



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