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3 littles with chalkboard

A new school year is fast approaching. The Little's don’t know it since we are continuously  schooling. We don’t use traditional curriculum or follow a traditional school calendar. Dad and I prefer to school in the natural rhythm of our daily lives. The girls move into new studies once a study is finished. We are constantly learning and playing. It works for us!

Having said that, I try to regroup during the normal start of a school year. I plan my school year with some input from the Little's, discussions with Rose, discernment with Dad, a novena and several hours in Adoration.

My curriculum is pieced together with items of interest, desired interests and what my budget (or lack of budget) allows. All is centered on His call for my family, the core of our homeschooling.

We have many changes taking place in our lives currently. I’m praying for the graces to keep peace and focus on the present. The Good Lord is our guide.

This year’s core will be focused on our Sacramental life. It has been some time since we’ve attended daily Mass at the start of our school day. Dad and I believe that we are being called back to putting Him first in our lives-school day. Due to life changes, we’ll plan week by week.

In addition to daily Mass, Dad will lead us with the following spiritual goals:

  • Renewal of Marian Consecration (use Children’s consecration)
  • Study the Mass
  • Daily Rosary (min. 2 Mysteries-10 decades)
  • Latin Prayers
  • Daily Readings & Saint Study
  • Nightly Examination of Conscience
  • Bible Study (with Rose after hours)
  • Breviary (Dad and Mom)
  • Monthly recollection
  • Bi-monthly Spiritual read (Dad, Mom and Rose)

Our call is to make our home a place that radiates His PEACE & JOY!


Here are some of the academic goals for my GFG current phase of school.

Dragonfly’s Goals: clip_image002

  • Play, Play, Play and….PLAY
  • Weekly nature walk
  • Daily art project
  • Daily music & dance
  • Daily park play with Papi
  • Reading time with Sparkles/Sweetie
  • Keep clear from this.

Papi’s Goals: clip_image004

  • Letter play names and sounds
  • Begin to write letters & sounds
  • Identify colors & shapes
  • Increase attention span to sit, listen and learn
  • Weekly nature walk
  • Daily art project
  • Daily music & dance
  • Daily park play with Dragonfly
  • Construct at least 2 airplane models with dad
  • Reading time with Sparkles/Sweetie
  • Animals, Weather, Seasons, and Heat/Cold
  • Count in French


Sweetie’s Goals: clip_image006

  • Reading:
      • Consonant names and sounds
      • Blends
      • Two vowel rule
      • Vowel alone sounds
      • The Red Reader
      • Lead reading time 2x/week with the boys
  • Spelling:
      • Printing upper and lower case alphabet
      • Weekly spelling lessons progressing from six to twelve words
      • Dictated stories (two to four sentences)
  • Grammar:
      • Singular vs. plural
      • Vocabulary development
      • Introduction to noun/verb agreement
      • Introduction of the who/doing sentence
      • Capitals and punctuation
  • Math:
      • Printing numbers 1 – 100
      • Spelling numbers on to ten
      • Number line 1 – 9
      • Addition & Subtraction
      • Measuring whole inches with a ruler
      • Counting and identifying pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters
      • Telling time to the whole hour and half hour
      • Identifying less/more, greater/smaller
      • Estimating
      • Counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s
  • Science:
      • Animals
      • Weather
      • Seasons
      • Heat/Cold
  • History:
      • Chief figures and events of the Old and New Testament
  • Foreign Language
      • French


Sparkles’ Goals: clip_image008

  • Reading:
      • Blue Bird Book
      • Fluency in oral reading
      • Keyword and title
      • Independent reading and chapter books
      • Mental imagery
      • Comprehension techniques
      • Rhythmic reading
      • Vocabulary development
      • Lead reading time 2x/week with the boys
  • Spelling:
      • Weekly spelling lessons
      • Vowel Chart
      • Pitches
      • Twenty-word spelling tests
      • Dictations (5-7 sentences)
  • Science:
      • 1 science project per week
      • Animals
      • Ocean life
      • Weather
  • Math:
      • Addition and subtraction facts
      • Operations: +, -, x
      • Houses – place value
      • Word problems and proofs
      • 2, 3 and 5 Multiplication tables through x 12
      • Time
      • Money
      • Math drills for mastery
      • Cardinal and ordinal numbers
  • Writing
      • Cursive (Dec.)
      • Original illustrated stories on a given topic
      • Composition Forms with five sentences
      • Daily journal writing
  • History:
      • Chief figures and events of the Old and New Testament
  • Foreign Language
      • French


Rose’s Goals: clip_image010

Rose has followed my lead up until high school. She has finally found her groove and curriculum of choice. Rose thoroughly enjoys Kolbe’s High School curriculum. She tailors it to fit her needs and interests. She is looking forward to adding more extracurriculars. I’m looking forward to studying alongside her since my Catholic high school failed to permeate my education with the riches of the Faith. I also desire to savor these last years that I have with her--she’s 16!

  • Theology:
      • Salvatory role of the Church, guided by the Holy Ghost. (Third book of this series, The Ark and theDove Text.)
      • Increase prayer life
      • Spiritual retreat
  • English: Expository Writing and Rhetoric 11
      • Write an extensive research paper
  • Literature of Christendom
      • Honors
      • Shakespeare!
  • World History III: The Era of Christendom
  • Math:
      • Advanced Math
  • Science:
      • Chemistry with Lab
  • Foreign Language
      • Latin
      • Spanish
  • Misc.
      • Asst. Basketball Coach
      • 1/2 Marathon
      • Sprint Triathlon (This is my goal for Rose. She used to be an awesome Triathlete. I’m sure she still has it!)
      • Sewing projects
      • Nutrition & Cooking lessons
      • Year service project
      • Instructing Sparkles & Sweetie for 1/week
      • ……. (I haven’t received her full list)


Seek ye therefore first the kingdom of God, and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you.

~ Matthew 6:33


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  1. Love, Love, LOVE your goals!! I would love to be able to attend daily Mass... maybe one day. I am going to copy and print this: Our call is to make our home a place that radiates His PEACE & JOY! I need to review that one constantly. Your blog is just like a breathe of fresh air in the morning! Thanks!!

  2. That is an amazing plan and vision for you year!

  3. I so enjoy readings your plans for the year. and how wonderful that you consider them all year round in school. it's a refreshing way to live and to see your child's education!

  4. That sounds wonderful Lena!

    I was wondering what program Rose will use for Spanish and also what French program?

    I hope you have a great rest of summer.

    In the Immaculate and Sacred Heart,

  5. What wonderful plans. Thank you for sharing them.



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