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Here is my formal dining room turned school room.  These pictures were taken last school session.  The schoolroom hasn’t changed much since.

school room from entry

This picture was taken right after I added my new find.  I found the Pottery Barn unit on Craigslist.  I now have the shelves filled with school supplies stored in these fun containers.  I found 7 of them at the thrift store for $2 ea.

The Little's enjoy working on their own desk but I prefer the table.

JOYfilledfamily school room

I hang selected school work above the red armoire.  I use fishing line and clothes pins.  It’s my favorite system--easy, cute and cheap.

I love having everything school related in one room.  I added the metal garage storage units (found at Costco).  I put magnets on wall charts and hang them on the metal frame.  It’s the prefect height for the Little’s and covers the storage.

Above the storage units is my week at glance system – cork boards and magnetic/dry-erase boards.  The system never worked as I had intended but served as nice display for school work.

The black shelving unit is a recycled piece that my mom picked up from a local convent.  I love that it is solid wood.  It serves as a room divider from the hallway.  I mounted a felt board, cork board, dry-erase board and chalk board to the back side of the unit.  It keeps the boys busy.

The black desk is mine!

Here’s the high school room/office/craft room that Rose and I share.

JOYfilledfamily high school space


I’m linking my post to the NOT Back-to-School Blog Hop.  Join the school fun!




  1. gorgeous room and set up! So,you're taking all this down and putting it in the kitchen?

  2. Love your set up and the colors...stopping by from the hop!


  3. Love your room and LOVE that red PB hutch, what a great find!!! I was a bit confused too, you are taking all this down and moving to the kitchen?

  4. It looks great! I love the PB storage unit.

  5. I love both of the rooms! Functional and beautiful at the same time.

  6. Sorry for the confusion. (I took that part out of this post). I'll clarify later since I haven't made the big announcement.

    In His joy,

  7. Lovely! What a fun hop.

  8. I love both the rooms, lena. The first one looks like such a happy place full of lots of life! and the second one a bit more serene. lovely and great use of space.

  9. NOW you have my attention... Big announcement? I love big announcements. These photos are so cool. I can't wait until we can use a little more of our space... I will come back here for inspiration. :)

  10. I've always loved Rose's high school room but somehow missed the big schoolroom! It's just awesome, too! I, like everyone else, love that PB unit. It must be wonderful to have that storage spot. I was drooling when I saw your black desk. Love it! And the little green schooldesk is so cute! Big thumbs up!

  11. Love your colors... have a wonderful year!

  12. I love the set up you have! So practical but very warm and as someone else said, beautiful!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. LOVE the colors that you are using!!! And that Pottery Barn unit...LOVE!!!!



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