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You set the price for the items listed below.* I want to offer someone who may be tight on budget, the option to purchase any one of these texts. I know how challenging it can be to base your school year around a tight budget.  Please do not hesitate to submit any offer. 

No additional shipping cost will be added.
Math 54: An Incremental Development
Saxon Math 54: Incremental Development Second Edition (Hardcover) TAKEN

Math 87
Saxon Math 87: Incremental Development Second Edition (Hardcover)

Alg V1
McDougal Little Algebra 1: Concepts and Skills Volume 1

Alg v2
McDougal Little Algebra 1: Concepts and Skills Volume 2

Pre Alg
Prentice Hall Pre-Algebra Text (Hardcover)
Prentice Hall Pre-Algebra Solution Key (Paperback)
Harcourt Math WB 6
Harcourt Math Practice Workbook Grade 6 (several copies are available)
Email me your contact info, price and desired method of payment. I’ll accept check, MO or Paypal.

*Dad and I desire to help those (in any way we can), who have chosen the way of private home education. We pray that this small offering will bless another family. Please, only respond to this offer if you are not accepting government subsidies (resources that can include cash, stipends for extracurricular activities, computers, textbooks, other instructional materials, etc…) for any part of your home education, by way of Charter school or any other publicly subsidized educational program.
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