She Did It Again

Dad and I set a precedent in our home in regards to the girl’s hair.  This year we left the decision up to Rose.  After all, she is sixteen and it’s about time that she starts standing for her own convictions. 

I scheduled a long overdue hair cut for Rose and myself.  I had a coupon, of course.  Rose had expressed interest in going short but I never was able to discuss styles with her.before pic of rose

When we arrived at the salon, she insisted that I go first.  I knew that I was not going to take off major inches.  I’m not ready for short and gray hair.  Long and gray, maybe, but not short and gray-at least not now.

Rose prayerfully scanned the very immodest magazines and couldn’t find a suitable haircut.  I pulled some images on my phone and she immediately honed in to a simple style.  (I’ve since discovered that it’s very similar to her last hair cut.)

rose's desired hair style

She shared the style with the stylist and informed her that she needed to make a ponytail and take off at least 10 inches.  She looked at me with a smile—ALL FOR!

hair donation

Rose is officially a hair donor. She has been blessed with the ability to grow beautiful thick hair and is willing to endure it’s weight on hot summer days so that another young girl can be blessed.   The ponytail will be shipped this week to Locks of Love.

after pic of rose

God, in His infinite wisdom, endowed the maiden
with beauty and power to please. He desires to
teach her that, as she was externally adorned with
beauty, she ought to beware lest her soul should not correspond to her physical attractiveness, but be, on the contrary, a wild and desert place. Your
external charms should be a mirror in which the
beauty of your soul is reflected.

~ Father Lasance, Catholic Girl’s Guide


  1. Beautiful... in so many ways. :) Praise God!

  2. Oh that is just such a lovely real story. Thanks for sharing

  3. This is so sweet! Your daughter is beautiful- inside and out!

  4. Her hair looks so cute! So many young ladies around here do the same thing! So beautiful!

  5. She looks just lovely! :) I love that she's able to donate hair as well. Very sweet post!

  6. God bless her for her sacrifice!
    You have a lovely family and lovely blog!

    God bless..........

    P.S. thank you for the kind comment + following my blog

  7. Wow! That is the same celeb pic I used to get my last hair cut! My husband bought me a hair magazine to get ideas from because I was kinda stuck. My mom had me keep my hair long until I turned 15. She said that's what they used to do in Mexico, plus my older sisters had some bad hair experiences at the salon, so she decided to keep it long and simple for me. Great cut on Rose! I'm loving that style too! :)



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