Just One Drop

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just one drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that one drop.” ~ Bl. Mother Teresa



Mother Teresa of Calcutta is a powerful intercessor for my family.  The more our devotion grows to her and the MC way, the more we are drawn closer to Jesus Christ.   It is not always easy to surrender on this journey that we are on but the Good Lord never fails to provide encouragement. 

There is a quickening taking place in our hearts and home at this time.  Praise God that He provided us with three (plus) back to back consolations within the same week.

The first consolation occurred on Thursday.  It was followed, on Friday, by the second consolation, a glorious opportunity.  Dad and I took the little's for some service work when a priest (who knows of our devotion to Bl. Mother Teresa) eagerly pulled us aside.  He invited us to take a moment to venerate a first class relic of Bl. Mother Teresa.  We did not hesitate.  (This was the second first class relic of a saint that was privately presented to me for veneration.  The first occurred in early August.  Rose and I were blessed with the opportunity to venerate a relic of Bl. Louis & Zelie Martin, the parents of St. Thérèse--Mother Teresa’s patron.)  We prayed for the intercession of Bl. Teresa of Calcutta and for the graces from God to become a saint like Mother Teresa.  We had a hard time leaving and desired to spend more time in the presence of Mother Teresa and Our Lord.  We are still glowing from this experience. 

The third consolation was the start of the finale.  Dad and I used to take a monthly visit to the MC house in Pacifica.  We would attend Adoration, recollection, receive spiritual direction and visit the Gift of Love (a home for the dying).  On occasion we would take all the kids.  Unfortunately, our visits have been limited due to our current situation.  This weekend was really no different but we knew we had a choice to make.  We were given the graces to say “yes” to a family visit and trust that He would take care of the details.  We loaded up the car immediately when Dad arrived home from work and ventured off.  We didn’t pre-pack or take the time to calculate for all of our potential needs.  Yet, we were all at peace with our light load and early departure.  We arrived to our destination after an event-free two hour car ride.  (That, in itself, could have been a fourth consolation.)  We entered for Adoration and Benediction.  Sr. Joselia, M.C. visited with us prior to and post recollection.  Her joy, encouragement, hospitality and love was another consolation that has helped sustain us to the present time.  She radiated Christ just as Mother Teresa.  We were filled spiritually.

We did not visit the Gift of Love since the baby was coming down with a cold and we didn’t want to put any of the residents at risk.  We did, however, venture up the coast.  Sr. Joselia, M.C. told us of a nice spot that is not heavily populated with surfers.  She and the sisters have endearingly changed the name of the spot from Devil’s Slide to Angel’s Slide.  It was indeed, the perfect spot for us.  An angelic time was had by us all.  It was a beautiful ending to a week of consolations.

joyfilled family

We are indeed, only a drop in the ocean.  We pray to become what He wills us to be


clare up to her headP9172230papi

Burying bodies has become a beach tradition for us.


This was Dragonfly’s beach buddy.

gio's beach in a bucket

Dragonfly was not fond of the sand or being too close the water.  Dad found a solution, he brought the ocean to Dragonfly—Beach in a Bucket.

dragonfly beach collage 


Someone wants to be just like dad!


Rose soaked in the fresh cool air.

dad and kelp

As always, Dad created fun for us.

littles running from the waves

The little's enjoyed dodging the waves while trying to  fetch the kelp that dad would throw into the ocean.


Sparkles was the first to be caught by the waves.

papi splashing with joypapi running for his lifepapi caught

Papi ran faster than lightning to avoid the waves.  At one point he got caught by the wave.  He was safe on the shore but fearful nonetheless.  Upon realizing that he was safe, he professed to his big sis that he was swimming.  This from the boy who won’t go in water deeper than 2 feet.

beach 2011 collage

"Like Jesus we belong to the world living not for ourselves but for others. The joy of the Lord is our strength." ~ Bl. Teresa of Calcutta


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  1. this really makes me miss the California shore. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful family.

  2. No doubt that Bl. Mother Teresa had her hand in your (little drops in the) ocean visit to match her quote and your charity. Your family is a true light in this world, matching those beautiful photos!

  3. Amazing photos - what wonderful memories your family will have of that time spent at the beach together!

  4. Love your pics and post you have a Beautiful family.

  5. Dear Lena, what a beautiful devotion you have to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta! How glorious for your spiritual life and marriage that you and your husband go to that special place every month -- or as often as you are able -- and God does have a way of leading us back with little worry and fanfare when we need to go. The photos of your family and the fun relaxing time they had are beautiful. God continue to bless you and your family, friend.



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